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  1. My regular plug has been out of marijuana for about three weeks, his supplier moved away. So I was desperate and started chatting with a fellow on the Whisper App who said he could hook me up. I'm pretty cautious when buying from new folks so I set up a dead drop.

    I saw the guy drop off the product and I waited. I walked by the drop once but acted like I was just out for a stroll; a strange truck followed me down the alley but I ignored it. A block away on the corner was a guy with a headset on a bike, his appearance screamed cop. An hour and a half later the dealer's car drove back by the drop real slow, this made me suspicious so I watched and waited from a safe location. About 45 minutes later my neighbor happened to walk by the drop, all of a sudden vehicles pulled up at both ends of our alley and showed their lights on him. He kind of freaked out, but they did not stop or question him. I got the license plate numbers off the two vehicles.

    One of them matched the number for a truck in our undercover drug unit (I keep a list of all the vehicles in the local police drug unit). So I was pretty sure this was a sting operation. I waited three days and stealthy got the weed from the drop when the site was blocked by a trash collection truck. I'm almost a hundred percent sure no one saw me.

    The weed was legit. Holy cow was it the FIRE! But unfortunately I will not be buying from this "dealer" again. He only agreed to the dead drop because I promised him next time I would buy in person, not going to happen.

    Has anyone else seen undercover cops use Whisper to trap folks? What in the world are cops watching an eighth of weed drug deal for? Does anyone think the legal authorities are going to keep pursuing this deal? Am I safe? Should I have never picked up the weed at the drop site after all that trouble?
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  2. "Protecting and serving" the community from the horrors of a stoner buying a small quantity of weed while wasting a ridiculous amount of resources to do so. lmao. If this story is true that's just absurd. I'd say you're lucky not just because you got away but lucky that it wasn't some dipshit wanabe thug robbing you.

    Don't trust people even if you know them, let alone some random person over the internet. You asked for trouble. As a matter of fact you begged for it, and you got it. Take it as a lesson learned, a crazy story and some free weed.
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  3. The weed wasn't free, I put money at the drop the day before. The unbelievable waste of police resources is what blows my mind.

    I don't think I ever was in a situation where I was in danger, even if it had been thugs. It was in a well walked suburban neighborhood in a small town of about 3000 people. I did not touch the weed for over 72 hours after the drop, no one is crazy enough to watch an eighth for three days. Still I learned my lesson.
  4. Probably true but they were crazy enough to go to all that other trouble.... I wouldn't worry about it though. I didn't realize u paid, guess I got mixed up with the story. At least it was a successful drug deal made with the cops LOL. Not many people can probably say that. I guess the cops should arrest themselves for selling weed? Oh nevermind they're above the laws the enforce on us plebeian civilians.
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  5. You're paranoid, it wasn't the cops.
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  6. Either this story is complete BS ( the most likely scenario) or it wasn't cops at all
  7. I'm gunna call bullshit on this one... If it was the cops, not a chance in hell they would leave a bag of cannabis out in public for 3 days that a child could potentially find. Either that, or wasn't the cops that pulled up on your neighbor, or they were doing it for a different reason
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  8. I'm not sure what part could be BS? I thought I was paranoid until I checked the license plate.
    From talking to other local folks I found out a few things. I live in a decriminalized state, that is cops are supposed to basically turn a blind eye to possession and use if a person is not in public. However buying and selling are still highly illegal, so the local tri-county drug force, not wanting their number of arrests and income from drug charges to go down, has stepped up their efforts to catch people in the act of buying. So while they will leave you alone to enjoy herb, they have doubled their efforts to keep up their monthly arrest numbers by focusing on the exchange of cash for crop. YOu have to remember most well to do people in my small city don't see any difference between smoking weed and shooting heroin. If you are in a public office you are expected to put the boot down hard on those bad druggy types.
  9. The cops did not know they left the bag out for three days. I had texted my dealer I had picked up the weed that night hoping anyone staking out the spot would assume they had missed me coming and going because it was dark and there is a lot of foot traffic of people walking by.
  10. I am just saying cops did not leave weed for you. And if they did, they wouldn't have taken your word for it and not checked the spot to see if it was gone.
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  11. Awesome story.

    First, cops don't do dead drops. In particular, they aren't going to do a dead drop in an attempt to catch a small time buyer they met on the internet. Why might you ask? Because there are multiple holes that a defense attorney would rip apart in court. First, they have no proof that it was you they talked to on the app. Sure they could prove its your phone, or your screen name, but any junior league attorney will have that booted out by the fact that anyone could have picked up your phone or used your login and made the communications. Why were you then at the drop location? A million reasons that would cast a doubt in court. This is the reason stings involve direct contact and recorded audio or video evidence of the agreement for exchange.

    Second, cops do not put drugs out on the street in the process of an investigation. If it is a buyer bust, then the drugs will not leave their custody. You will get taken down at the exchange. See reason #1, cops don't do dead drops.They damn sure will not leave drugs at a drop stop for three days, or unobserved for a single minute. Doesn't happen. There are way too many reasons why they wouldn't do this, and once again certainly not to bust a small time buyer.
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  12. Where in the fuck is it that the fucking cops would even try to bust you for buying? I've never heard of that. Selling, sure, but buying not so much.... Maybe my state/county/city is different but I've never heard of anyone being busted for buying.
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    You are correct that most drug bust involve catching sellers but it certainly does happen. I forgot what jurisdiction it was but I've watched them do it on cops. They put an undercover officer on the corner and surrounded him with undercover officers in cars. Customer pulls up, an agreement is made to buy drugs and then the customer is swarmed. There is never an actual transfer of drugs, only money in agreement to buy drugs. In this particular case they were also using forfiture laws to seize the buyers vehicles as well. It really doesn't make much impact to bust small time buyers, but getting free cars makes it worth the time.
  14. Shit like that makes me sick. What a waste of time and tax money. What do they bust them for? It couldn't be possession because they never actually get possession of the substance. They actually have laws that say it's illegal to buy? That's fucked up. This county is so fucked up. The government has its priorities all out of whack. 20 TRILLION dollars in debt and they're worried about busting a few Joe Schmoe's for trying to catch a buzz. No wonder people want to get high, looking at the state of our nation sober is depressing.
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    In many jurisdictions simply the attempt to purchase is a crime.
    Confiscation in the name of the drug war is big business. So big that police organizations will fight each other to be the one who gets the big seizures.

    Not quite the same as a buy, but in TN they target people looking for cash and then seize it as drug money with no arrest ever being made and no drugs ever found.
  16. I've heard of the feds doing that shit! That is straight fucking robbery. See what I mean, this country is fucked up. How the fuck did we allow the cops to be able to take what they want without consequence? It's a shame and goes against everything that this country was founded on.
  17. Fear. When fear of anything is properly instilled in to a society, people will allow the government to do what they want in order to supposedly neutralize the threat. Beginning with the Nixon administration our country has been sold the ideology that drugs are evil, drug dealers are animals, and that drugs are the reason for the vast amount of crime in the country. Along with installing fear, a political environment of get tough policies pervaded American politics. Between educational programs, which served as ideological indoctrination, and political propaganda the social and political environments from the 1980's until recently was such that no one from either party could get elected unless they took a get tough approach to the "drug crisis". The problem with the get touch approach is that it does not work. Drugs are not a legal problem, they are a people problem. However, politicians never want to admit failure. Without admitting failure in their approach to curb drug use, the only other option is to continue escalating tactics. The public was sold forfeiture as something that needed to be done in order to battle the evil drug dealers. The reality is that they rarely ever catch large drug dealers and forfeiture laws are more frequently used to bust small time people either buying or selling just enough to make a living. As we see in some cases, they are used to funnel cash from helpless victims in order to fund the department. These are the "good" cops. I wont even get in to what the truly corrupt ones will do to citizens. When I was much younger we bought bags of weed that still had evidence tags from the local pd, delivered to us in a marked car.
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  18. Fear, that's it. You're right. How did I not realize that? Fear is the reason that cannabis (and a lot of other substances) was outlawed to begin with. Misinformation and lies were spread that demonized the plant and made people believe that it had terrible affects on people and that users would commit all sorts of awful crimes. To me, that's one of the worst things about cannabis prohibition, that it was based on lies, misinformation and racism.
  19. Every cop shop is different. I'm talking about our local tri-county anti-drug force. They are a squad of 6 full time officers whose only job is to do undercover drug busts. Our newspaper is full of stories of both buyers and sellers being arrested for as little as 1 gram. Because they exist to eliminate all drug activity they do all kinds of crazy stunts.

    In my particular transaction, I actually don't think they originally put weed at the drop spot while it was under surveillance. It was only after two hours when I saw two cars and one bike officer leave that I think they put actual product down. Four hours later one vehicle was still left watching the drop. When he left I immediately got a text asking if I had picked up the product (I told them I did-in fact I had not.) I think if I had said I had not picked up the weed this last guy would have swung by and got it before he left. I also got a text asking me to do a face to face transaction within two weeks as soon as the last vehicle left.

    I don't care if you believe me or not, I shared so no one else would be as stupid as I was. Also this level of surveillance for a small town deal is crazy, I would not believe it if I had not seen all the vehicles arrive and depart at the same time, and as I said before I keep track of the undercover vehicle's license plate numbers. Netflix has a drug bust show and the cops do exactly this same kind of stuff with real drugs on the show. Sell a small bit of real weed and then wait and bust the buyer the next time on a bigger deal after they have your trust.

    I just wanted to warn people against using Whisper to do deals, it is now as unsafe as Craigslist. I've used the Duby app and made some new friends and also got some real good herb from folks I met there. When you live in a small town it is hard to find a plug, but it is not impossible. After two years I findly found a decent local dealer, but he is out of product sometimes for several weeks, that is the only reason I even looked online, never again.
  20. You're way to paranoid to smoke weed
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