Drug tests

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by KampZ, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. So my mom just said shes getting a drug test at the local grocery store and she says ill be kicked out. I need some help guys.
  2. Go to your head shop and get some synthetic urine, it will work like a charm. Just heat it up and put it in your pocket... You should be able to get away with it since your mom isn't going to watch you pee. Unless she does watch you pee but then you might want to move out anyway, things would just be too awkward after something like that.
  3. I hear good things about mixing gatorade with water (66% of one, 33% of the other, although I can't recall which atm) to flush your system, but I wouldn't risk that unless you have a few days to do it before your test.
  4. Wow nevermind. Now she warmed up to me and my bro. Its fine now. She says we just cant smoke in the house anymore. :confused::smoke:
  5. Damn, my mom would never kick me out even if I smoked a blunt and blew it on her face.
  6. Quit using drugs, or get a friggin job and earn your own living. You might try begging too!

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