Drug Tests - Why They're Useless And Why We Need to Stop

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  1. I also said

    But you were able to understand that I didn't mean I actually drank alcohol, you knew I was simply making a point.
    I simply continued from there.

    And I already admitted to you a few times I don't word things the best. That is simply another case of my poor wording. But I think you fully understand the point I was making, despite the poor wording. I don't think you lost the point.

    I thought you implied it. Perhaps it was a stretch, but it felt pretty implied that you were saying I would become one. Especially after the "You seem like a junkie" comment.
  2. I agree you word things horribly. I didn't imply anything I asked you why you would have to choose alcohol based on what you posted. Yes if you have to do drugs then you fall under the category of junkie, that's why I said you seem like a junkie based on the have to choose alcohol statement you made, I did not say you were. All I can go off of is what you post. Learn to post things better I guess. Seem like does not mean you are and with your comment that you would have to choose something you hate that's junke talk. Dude so far you've confused me with another poster, posted false info like the tax break thing, plus the have to choose alcohol thing on top of the "don't word things well" thing you're just to damn confusing to carry on a conversation with. Have a good day Mr. confusion.
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  3. But you got my point, did you not? My personal life story is irrelevant to this thread. The point of this thread is the title. Which, my message did get across despite poor wording on my behalf. Also, it's 2 AM so you'll have to excuse the fact I'm not exactly 100% right now.

    When I said "I" I didn't mean "me" I was using me as the point of reference, but not everybody gets that. That's just how I talk, I've always talked like that. I also have a tendency to say "you" when I mean "everyone" there are a few other bad habits I have with my wording, but those are the worst. One of my friends always got pissed when I would talk and say "you" when I really meant "everyone" not her specifically.

    My point wasn't that I myself would turn to alcohol with a nice job, because I wouldn't. I'd rather be sober than even think of touching alcohol, like, ever. My point was there are plenty of people who absolutely would drop weed for alcohol due to its acceptance and the drug testing thing. And many people DO do this.
  4. I got your point but as a regular poster on a forum you really need to work on your communication skills, you're terrible.....say 1 thing, mean another. I mean come on if posting on the internet is that difficult then I whole heartedly believe you deserve the job you have. Doesn't take much conversation skills to tie shoes on someone else's feet. I'll remember you the next time I buy a pair bro
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    I'm antisocial, so yeah, I don't have the best communication skills. You are absolutely correct I need to work on my communication skills, it's my bees knees. I'm abnormally unsocial compared to most. Out of choice. It's less drama that way. Believe it or not, my talking skills were so much worse before this job. I am getting better, slowly. I'm just not very sociable of a person. Ironic I'm working retail, huh? I suppose it's not terrible though, I do need to work on people skills more. And as I said, I am the store manager. As in, a step above the manager. Hard to believe that I'm sure especially with my bad communication. Plus, I may be extra brain-scrambled today because of a very stressful huge giveaway event which will bring the whole town in this store. Won't be fun. Hey dude, if there's one thing I've got experience on though, it's shoes. Been working in shoes for 6 years now.

    All I had to do in that specific case was replace the word "I" with "you" or some other substitute, I have a hard time with using pronouns right when I'm using logic or explaining something. Leads to confusion often and I get that. An ex of mine learned that too, my pronoun struggles with saying "you" when I meant "everyone" or "you" plural. But I suppose once you start talking to me enough, you learn the way I talk and you just adjust to it and know when I mean "you" plural, or "I" meaning "you" or something else. But I suppose a random guy on the internet wouldn't have the chance to get that.

    I try to explain myself thoroughly, but sometimes, in explaining myself thoroughly, I don't word things right or I am too thorough or whatever else. In terms of customer service, I'm pretty good at it. That's because I have an extreme amount of patience and tolerance for stupid as well as grumpy customers.
  6. I'll think of you when I go to work tomorrow haha.
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  7. tldr but i already know i agree. ill trust you on this one
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  8. Piss testing for weed is useless because there's no timeframe associated with it. Depending on how much you smoke and how frequently, you can't tell the difference between someone who smoked this morning and someone who smoked a week ago.

    I understand drug testing for jobs like school bus driver and truck driver and operating heavy machinery, but only if the test is going to tell you if they're under the influence at the time the test is taken. Otherwise it solves no problems.

    My company randomly tests and it's stupid. I've been doing my job for over 30 years. I'm really good at my job. I was high at work once about 25 years ago. Otherwise, I'm NEVER high at work. I'm really good at my job. I consistently get great marks for my annual reviews and get the top pay raise every year.

    So... It's stupid that my company tests. They risk losing me only because they're sticking their nose into what I do in the privacy of my own home. Fortunately I've figured the system out. I know what days they test and it takes 2 days for me to clear my system. So I smoke 3 days a week and I'm clean the 4 days before the test (a bit of extra cushion, but based on extensive testing @ home, 2 days is all it takes for me.)
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  9. Don't listen to this idiot Brad. Your communication skills are just fine. He's just trolling, that's all. There's nothing wrong with your job either. He must forget that he wouldn't be wearing any shoes if it weren't people like you working. I completely agree with you on drug testing. It's is the most nonsensical industry there is. Waste of money and time. Unless they can find a way to test that can tell if someone was under the influence when they got hurt then I say get rid of that shit!!! :thankyou:
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  10. Thank you, but he is right that I don't use my pronouns correctly at all times, but I still feel the whole way through he had to have known what my point was, my personal life story was irrelevant. And I am antisocial and don't have the best communication skills, but it's a lot better than it was before.

    But that's what I'm saying. What matter is if you're intoxicated during the time of it happening. I mean, when you're driving a car, they don't pull you over for intoxication when you're perfectly sober and had alcohol in your system a day ago. But the same can't be said of marijuana. I was simply stating a problem that is a legitimate problem, that deserves some kind of solution or tweak, especially with the coming of legalization. You can't have legal weed, and then drug test for weed the way they do now, because essentially, everybody with a job can't smoke weed on their free time, but they can still choose to drink alcohol on their free time and be fine. Yes, I agree, people intoxicated during the job are not okay. But it shouldn't matter what you do on your own time. The company doesn't own you 100% of the time. And if they do, well then, you are a slave to a company.
  11. 100% exactly what I've been saying all throughout this thread. But see, not everybody has that same kind of metabolism or ability to clean out their system like that. And it's also not guaranteed you won't fail either sticking to that.

    What I've always said, if you do your job well, you show up on time, and you are a hard worker, and you're not causing problems or showing up intoxicated, So what if you smoke even every day, after work, on your own damned time???? I am the hardest worker at my store, I do everything and do the things nobody else wants to do, and my name is known all the way to the Vice President of the company. I stand out and I got employee of the month for 4 months straight along with a decent compensation. I am a fairly vital person, and even though my role is replaceable, the person you replace me with will likely not put nearly the effort that I do into it.

    And I risk being fired all because I smoke weed on my own free time. A drug less harmful than alcohol, which is perfectly okay to do on your free time. I've said that about a thousand times but it can't be stressed enough. It's a no wonder the alcohol companies want to keep weed illegal. They want the working class to stick to alcohol. Not weed.
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  12. very true and well said...corporate enslavement is a real thing. Just don't get me started or I'll get off topic and start a huge rant. lmao

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  13. Drug tests must stop. They are flooding Grasscity with refugees looking for false hope!
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  14. Thank god the morons on this web site are not in charge of piss test

    Think, you want your capt. Pilots, truckers, crane operaters, ect. High on weed

    If your job piss test then don't smoke or find a job that don't test , simple
  15. lol missing the mark there aren't we? Good try though. And I really don't think we're morons. Nobody should be high at work. Period.

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    this post went your head

    We never said being high on the job was okay. we said you can't even enjoy weed on your time off, AT ALL, if you choose one of those professions, but alcohol, which impairs you much worse than weed does, is perfectly fine to enjoy on your time off. What is so hard to get about that?
  17. I agree drug tests are useless. If your functional in your work, aren't late and do what your supposed to, it shouldn't matter what you do in your spare time.

    There's a place right down the street from me, they drug test; but in the interview the owner tells you "if your going to pee clean, pee clean. If your dirty, pee dirty, that's okay, I just want to know what I'm getting into if I hire you." And I think that's a awesome policy that we can all get behind, but it shouldn't be held against you.
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