Drug Tests - Why They're Useless And Why We Need to Stop

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  1. I didn't say that? I said it'd be out of your system by the time oyu were drug tested with alcohol, whereas with weed, it won't be....
  2. And I also never said At the time of job. I said on your time off (which means at home). You aren't reading my posts, or if you are, you're reading them wrong.
  3. but youre blaming the companies that drug test for how out bodies process drugs and alcohol. That's not their doing, that's our bodies and drug of choice doings. Insurance companies are going to look for anyway to get out of paying a claim. Doesn't matter what's in your system just that something is in your system. They are not singling out pot heads simply because our bodies process alcohol and other drugs faster then weed. I'm sorry bro but you really have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to employer drug tests.

    I'm not saying this is how it should be. I wish there was a better way, but it's not the employers fault how our bodies process drugs and they are not singling out pot heads.
  4. And I said this, I said it's not intentional probably and that's just the way it is, but I think there should be a better way is all I'm saying. Make it more fair, at least. Why is it that I can't enjoy pot on the weekends, doesn't even have to be a daily smoker, get what I'm saying, just like once or twice a week, but you're more than welcome to drink alcohol on the weekends?

    I get that it's not intentional and I'm not saying it is, but I am saying it is wrong and it should be something they should look at trying to correct or remove alltogether. I actually have a pretty good idea, I think you're just misunderstanding me or my posts somehow. I mean, I am the store manager of a chain shoe store.
  5. Its our bodies and the drug that causes this. I'm not misunderstanding you at all. You plain and simple said pot heads are single out and that's just not true. Much like your tax break hysteria....just not true. All drug users are singled out, some are just easier to catch.

    Shoe stores drug test...lol I figured they were inline with fast food joints beings they get about the same type of applicants. Its not like they're high paying jobs, turn around has to be quick
  6. You'd be surprised. Actually, this shoe chain holds themself in high esteem. All of our employees we hire, we hope to keep for a long-term time and to build a team. We have lots of computer training for every person who is hired, and then we will go and personally train them after that. And to become a regular floor manager, you must study 150 question packet and take a test via phone with a higher up from another store (usually a GM or above) and you must get a perfect. No multiple choice.

    But anyways, I did say they are singled out, I said it wasn't intentional, but they are. And it is something that needs to be corrected. Yes, other people do get caught, but the point isn't that. The point is the amount of time it takes to get clean on a drug that is less harmful than all the others, vs. the real harmful drugs.

    As far as the tax break, that was just hearsay from my grandmother. Hardly hysteria. And she wasn't even pro-pot when she told me that (she is now).
  7. OK your grandma has hysteria then. Don't present stuff if you don't know it's true. Sounds about like you guys go through the same hiring and promoting process of most low paying jobs. I'm not surprised by that at all. Of course most employers want long term employees, that s just standard.

    We are not singled out as pot heads, we are just easier to detect. If any other drug stayed in our system that long and they ignored that, then and only then would we be singled out

    Let me ask a question. Let's say a pot head, and a h junky apply for the same job and fail the test. Are you saying they're going to single out the pot head and not hire him? Or would they deny both employment?
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    perhaps you're just nitpicking at my wording. You agree then, it is unfair? Don't you think it should be changed or fixed? Considering how harmless the drug is? And considering you are able to consume other drugs in your free time with little worry?
  9. I meant the 150 question thing by promotion. I'll say it again maybe easier for you to understand ...it sounds like your shoe store goes through the same process to hire employees. They also go through roughly the same promotion requirements as most low paying jobs. 150 questions to become a manager isn't a big deal and pretty common in jobs like wal mart, McDonald's, etc etc.

    I was adding a question to my last reply when you replied to me so you probably didn't see it. Please check my last post, I'm genuinely curious of your reply. Also I would like to add, how is the pot head in that scenario being singled out?
  10. They'd deny both. But that's not hte point I'm making, and never claimed to make. You are nit picking my wording. That was never the point. The point was I can't enjoy marijuana on the weekend, but I can enjoy alcohol easily on the weekend without worry. That's what's unfair. You can do other drugs and just quit for a few days and be fine, but you cannot do the same with weed, which is far less harmful than other unmentionable drugs.

    Having been in the business world yourself, you should be very well aware of the huge number of people who drink on their time off outside of work. I mean, odds are, in just about every work environment you go in, someone on your team will consume alcohol on their time off in some way, whether frequent, or once a week, or only socially.

    However, it is immensely harder to do the exact same thing with weed. A substance much less dangerous than alcohol, we've all heard the same spiel a thousand times about weed vs. alcohol, so I don't need to explain it to you again. I hate alcohol, I do not want to consume it, and it is unfair that alcohol, a drug harder than weed, is the drug I'd have to pick if I wanted to have a nice job. Random drug tests are even more unfair towards weed smokers.

    Here's my opinion - if you go to work every day on time (for me, that's 5 - 15 minutes early), if you do your job and you do it well with little to no problems, you don't come to work intoxicated, and you're not causing problems for anyone, it shouldn't matter if you consume marijuana on your free time or alcohol (but that one already gets a pass as how quickly it gets out of your system [again, not being drunk or high on the job, only at home on your own time]). You do your job, your personal life is your personal life, and as long as you're not bothering anybody else, why in 2 shits does it matter???? Sorry, but no company owns me 100% of the time. What's next, are they going to tell me I can't eat oranges anymore too in my own home???
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    Then nobody is singled out. If the junkie could be detected longer, insurance companies and employers would be happy. The junkie can't enjoy his drug of choice either without risk. I get what you are saying but the part about pot heads being singles out is ridiculous. All drug users are singled out regardless of what drug it is some just test longer . As far as alcohol goes, so what if someone drinks on their off hours. Its totally legal, its our right and not a right we should give up just because you think it's not fair. Sounds like a little kid stomping his feet, yelling its not fair with his arms crossed. Its my right to have a drink. Sure I think weed should be legal but it's not. Even the in legal states its not federally legal, so it's not truelly legal. Your placing the blame on the wrong people. Insurance companies and employers are just obeying the laws set forth by our government. Got to get those laws changed but as of now nobody is being singled out just because pot can be detected longer. Ins companies and employers do not discriminate against 1 drug user over another type of drug user just because 1 drug tests for a longer period of time. If there was a test that could test for other drugs longer, ins companies would be all over it so they wouldn't have to pay out.

    I got a pretty good kick out of when you said if you wanted a good job you would have to choose alcohol. Is your life so bad you have to do drugs or are you a drug addict that doesn't care what drug? Why do you have to do drugs, especially since you said you hate alcohol. You sound like a junkie yourself to be honest.

    The thing about oranges is just silly. A non intoxicating healthy legal fruit is not comparable to illegal drugs. Funny thought bro
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    Are you really trying to play that card? You yourself have a profile picture of weed, you yourself just admitted you had a problem with drugs earlier, I myself don't smoke ciggys nor do I want to, I don't drink alcohol, and I certainly have no intention or desire to delve into other drugs. For me, it's either weed or nothing. I simply made that comparison to show you the ridiculousness of it. You take things way too seriously.

    Even if weed was made legal, they'd likely still test for it, and we'd still have the same problem. So then what? Weed is legal, but nobody who works can smoke it.
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  13. I've seen what those drugs do to you firsthand, as I mentioned earlier, I was raised around people with drug problems (my gma did not have the drug problem, but unfortunately both her kids do and they both live here), I'm not an idiot, and I have no intention of going the same route they did. Yes, I am prone to being addicted to such things. But it is because I am aware of that fact, it is because I am aware of my family and our history, that I refuse to even so much as touch alcohol or anything beyond it. Weed is hardly comparable to even alcohol, I laugh at how you make potheads to be such horrible people. I laugh at how you're seemingly more okay with alcohol than weed. Alcohol is what destroyed my family long before the hard drugs did, it is arguably just as bad as some hard drugs. People just simply don't want to admit it. But if you think about it, alcohol's effects and withdrawals are one of the worst compared to a lot of drugs. A guy addicted to weed hardly has the problems a guy addicted to alcohol will have. Alcohol withdrawals are immensely worse. And alcoholics have a much harder time quitting than a pothead. Sooo I don't see where you're getting at with this whole making fun of potheads deal. You're on a weed forum, even. Just because alcohol is legal doesn't make it safer or better for you.
  14. You really need to post honest and true things. 1st it was the false insurance info, now you post you would have to drink if you got a good job but changed your mind I guess.

    I smoke and grow weed, I have nothing against weed. Its a choice I make. If I get hurt in the job I know I'll be denied.
    I agree things need to be changed but as of now pot smokers are not being singled out, drug users are. I never made pot heads out to be terrible people. You're really stretching now homie and I've never once made fun of pot heads either. I'm a pot head
  15. I never said that? If you've been reading my posts the past 20+ posts, I've been sitting here dissing alcohol the whole time. Where at any point have I shown interest in trying it? As I said before, it was a mere comparison. You seriously take things way too seriously. That wasn't false info, it was a comparison. Again, I don't word things the best. Here you are, by the way, STILL focusing on the wording of "singling." 4th time now. After I had explained to you many times what I meant, and I thought we had established that.

    You really need to stop overanalyzing every single word I say, and try to look at the bigger picture. I am not the best at wording as I've already said 3 times now, but I feel you know damn well what I mean, and you're trying to twist my words on me. I mean, this whole post I've been doing nothing but dissing it. Even blamed (well, it's not blame, it's the truth) alcohol on my family's problems. Sooooo why would I then think of trying it? Anybody who knows me, and I mean anybody, knows I hate alcohol and everything about it, and if any drug had to be illegal, it should be alcohol.

    I thought you were that first poster who said "I wouldn't hire fucking pot heads." So my apologies on that. That guy absolutely had a negative tone towards pot heads.
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    As I said. It's weed or nothing for me. I absolutely refuse to try anything else, beyond psychedelics. I am open to that and also don't see a problem with psychedelics. But for me, I'd only try the natural one that grows from the ground. And I'd only try it once. I don't see myself wanting to do it more than that.

    I see alcohol as nothing more than poison. I see ciggy's the same way, and they're a money waster. Pointless. Waste of time, money, and your life.
  17. Here let me remind you of what you said since you seem to conveniently forget things. You say right there alcohol is the drug you would have to pick if you wanted a nice job. Why the hell would you have to pick alcohol if you hate it? Why do you have to do drugs?

    You confused me for someone against pot and I'm the 1 who needs to pay attention......lol you need to pay attention man
  18. Again..... That was a comparison. I didn't forget what I said. You are not reading what I am saying. I said that to show you the ridiculousness of it. I don't have to do drugs, I am content doing none at all. Again, it's weed or nothing for me. But it's like eating desserts on the occasion, it's nice to be able to smoke a joint from time to time. I said that because there ARE people who think just 100% exactly like that, and you know damn well yourself that people like that exist in plenty. While I hate alcohol myself, plenty people don't, and when they join the workforce that drug tests, guess which drug they're gonna go to? Alcohol. The worse one of the two. If they didn't have to worry about weed, maybe they'd stick to weed and alcohol never would've been a problem for them. That's why the alcohol industry hates legal weed so much, because people would likely switch over to weed, given the option of legal weed vs legal alcohol.

    I'm tired of repeating the same thing to you over and over again. You are more than welcome to think what you want of me. Sure, I'm an alcoholic, if that's what helps you sleep at night. Or, I'm an alcoholic in the making. Or I will be at one point. Sure. Whatever helps you sleep.

    But I know me a thousand times better than you will ever know me. And I know that alcohol is not something I will indulge in.
  19. I'm reading exactly what you are saying....you need to be more clear. Nowhere do you say or lead others to believe it's just a comparison
  20. And I also never said you are an alcoholic. Kind of hard to be an alcoholic if you don't drink....lol you're really stretching now

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