Drug tests and jobs...whats wrong with this picture?

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  1. So I was having a conversation at a wedding reception and all of us were a bit drunk and it was an interesting group consisting of two unemployed aspiring comedians, a therapist, a military medic turned nurse, and a law enforcement individual.

    We got on the topic of marijuana and naturally the benefits of legalizing it when I pointed out something that's always boggled my mind: The piss test for jobs and employment. It makes no sense in most cases because 1.) THC can remain in your system up to a month and show up on a test leading to 2.) that it doesn't mean you're flying high while working and 3.) the drug test seems mostly widely used in jobs that quite honestly you could fly high and do just fine.

    We all agreed that certain jobs do demand a certain level of responsibility and as such as refrain from all use of substances (and in some jobs at all times staying clean). Or at least not blazing up while on the job. I'm not sure we'd want stoned cops, high airline pilots, and high as a kite nuclear reactor engineers on the job.

    But I pointed out that often the "piss test" is used either as a gatekeeper to a job or a random test to fire people with at jobs that (and I mean no offense to those who work these jobs) require little attention to detail, little risk of harm to others, and basically are jobs you can go on automatic and go through the motions.

    Case in point on of our friends was like "Look I worked at a pet store chain and got piss tested randomly many times, like really? I'm lugging dog food to shelves to stock, I wouldn't get high or drunk on the job personally but still, its dog food. I worked once at a major amusement park owned by a major "family" company, we'll call it the "mouse" company that didn't piss test because the higher ups said "if we did that, half our workers are seasonal college students, we'd have no work force."

    Not saying people should be high at any job but the f*ck does it matter if you're lighting up off the job. As long as you show up, do your job well, and be responsible, the piss test in our overall opinion was some backwards ass way of keeping people down in some regard.

    After all how many CEOs, politicians, and pretty much any college degreed job outside of "retail" companies and law enforcement have piss test policies?
  2. right? because if i was high, i'd NEVER be able to fucking put that yogurt on the shelf next to the other yogurt that has the same stupid picture on it. FUCK! i'd get that shit out of the box, and 10 minutes later be rocking in the corner because the blueberries are coming to kill me.
  3. Personally I've had far worse experiences with coworkers who overdo alcohol and then come into work hungover. They're an absolute nightmare to be around. I've also known some stoners and normally they'd be just fine at work provided they weren't high.

    Honestly piss testing in general is stupid as hell because it's basically only meant to catch mj users. It's just another system in place to 'keep them down' in society and make them second class citizens so to speak.

    With that said I totally agree that people shouldn't ever be high/drunk or anything but sober at work. You might still be able to do your job, but you'll be distracted, make mistakes and overall be less productive. At my workplace we have 'probable cause' drug testing. Basically unless you do something stupid to make the managers think you're on drugs you don't get tested. They also test you if you get seriously injured on the job.

  4. i completely agree. Its just another way to keep people down. And what better way than their jobs and careers???

    drug testing is a fucking joke, its only used for THC, which can stay up to a month in chronic smokers' fat cells.

    Every other drug is out of your system in like 3-4 days after taking it.
  5. I love going to work high, it makes everything easier and helps me concentrate.
  6. They deserve whatever the fuck it is I decide to hand too them. They asked me to piss in a cup which is a pretty fucked up and sick request.
  7. I love how drug tests make people do drugs that don't stay in your system as long or aren't tested for even when they are worst for you then mj.

    Example, Just today I had a friend who said he's done smoking because he got this job at Blue Cross and had to work out and drink a bunch of water to pass the piss test (light smoker). He said they might piss test randomly and he would rather just drink instead.

    Why is it okay to drink your drug (btw one that lowers your inhibitions+makes you aggressive) but not smoke something that makes you passive + all of the other benefits.
  8. I refuse to work for companies that drug test and I've told many potential employers this. They're losing out on a good worker,but I'm getting out of a shitty job.
  9. For many jobs, having to piss is absolute bullshit. Yep, mostly just a way to catch cannabis users. And it is a damn shame when I hear people playing will risk fucking around with meth, coke, or prescription pills because they don't want to risk failing a piss test for grass.
  10. everybody has been misinformed because this topic isnt widely talked about.

    Now we all think its our jobs that dont want us high. Wrong.

    The insurance companies will only insure employees if they are drug free.

    Thats all there is to it. The insurance companies want to make sure that they in NO fucking way will they want to pay for you when you hurt yourself ESPECIALLY when drugs like Marijuana are present.

    Fuck them, I know.
  11. Exactly.

    Personally, I do smoke at work and tons before work. I get up way before I have to leave because I sit there and smoke for 20 minutes straight. Get loaded, get in the car and head out to the highway to work. Then smoke a bit after being there and throughout the day whenever time permits. T-minus whenever it feels right. And I work construction, driving a forklift unloading lumber trucks and putting wood up on the roof/second floor for the crews. I'm stoned out of my head a majority of the time while at work, but I do just fine and haven't had any problems whatsoever. And it's cool cause my dad is my boss, and he don't give a shit if I go hotbox in my car during work hours.

    Interesting topic overall. A buddy of mine from the lumber yard at my company, an older guy mid-50s, we were talking bout this a few weeks ago. He's a former trucker and now he delivers lumber. He was talking bout when he remembers when he trucked when the drug test was purely Under the Influence right then at the test. And he remembered when they changed to the drug testing policy they have nowadays.

    He told me bout a time when he got fired because he failed the drug test for pot, and he got his job back because he legally beat them due to some sort of policy within the trucking company, they didn't follow the correct criteria or something to actually give him that drug test. At this time period it was just the under the influence test, not just the general test we have nowadays that includes months at a time of possible drug use in the possible result.

    He mentioned today however he's eight days clean and trying to stop smoking. He's worried about things with work and he said he's just at that point in his life. He just turned 55. So I could see how, since he's been smoking his whole life, that's a lot of years if he's 55 now. I could see how maybe one could get to the point where it's just time to move on. He's a lonely old guy, real cool. Been out in the trucks with him a few times for deliveries. Openly talk bout pot with him all the time.
  12. I remember going in for a piss test for Target. It's quite demeaning. But once you are in, as long as you aren't high (though I knew people who were) while on your job and you don't goof up bad. You should be great.

    But, the funny thing is. If you got caught having THC in your urine you'd be screwed. Only, to be talking about and hearing some crazy parties some co-workers had a while back. And these are crazy drinking parties, and very messy of a clean up supposedly.
  13. I got an interview with Target a couple months ago. I was high when I put in the application online, and have never gotten a callback for work so I didn't put much thought into it. The very next day, a Friday, they call and want interview for Monday. I smoked the day before. Of course, all the time I spent clean so I could get a job, I never got a callback. When I'm loaded with THC all over my system, I get a call back.

    I made the interview on Friday for Monday morning, thinking maybe I'd find a way to for sure beat the test. But didn't want to spend the money and time doing it. Never showed up. And then when I was clean again for a bit, I put in another application and it sort of denies it, haha.
  14. Its funny, I work with kids everyday (YMCA) and havn't been drug tested. Now, I don't show up high, but I still...
  15. Independent Field Operator FTW I work in a family owned camera rental house Mon-Fri BUT i can take any of those days and replace it for a shoot day which can pay up to $500 a day :hello:

    Best part is that the company i work for got sued but won and now they dont want employees so im an Independent Operator so I work for myself! No Drug Test For Me :D

    Not that there was a drug test in the first place lol i smoke with my boss :cool:
  16. Hey, how can their prediction that you'll lose your job if you're a drug user ever come to fruition without the piss test?

    Jobs, and sadly, now it seems social services is plying their way into more and more families' lives and threatening to take away kids. Whatever is important, prohibition is there to attempt to take it away. All so that Wall Street can control every last dime of the economy. That's all it is. No one but the "proper" persons of the elite .001% are supposed to be able to make a living and profit from anything. :rolleyes:

    Sadly, the deeper and longer prohibition carries on, the more "hangers-on" of prohibition it creates like the drug testing employees, etc. Then the argument becomes prohibition is "too big to fail" as too many people would be out of work if it were ended. :( Catch-22.
  17. Hmmmm, I feel that jobs you would think require piss tests, don't. Like a previous poster said he works at YMCA, during my senior year of high school I worked at a fitness center on a U.S. MILITARY base and never got drug tested. My best friend at the time came to work stoned almost everyday. I didn't though because my tolerance is extremely low and I would be fucked lol. Actually, he works at the pool now on this same base and if I know him as well as I think I do, he goes to that job high as well. Laws/regulations sometimes are just fucked.
  18. True ima fucking bagger and im high all the time it doesnt really matter
  19. yeah putting in applications at gamestop and waldbaums seeing drug testing makes my blood boil

    u should never be pre employment drug tested, u should only be tested if they suspect you of being impaired on the job



  20. I worked a landscaping job for 6 months and got fired cuz I could not pass. LOL! didn't even take the test. Midas is way better anyways.

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