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Discussion in 'General' started by xNeeKx, May 21, 2004.

  1. Alright here is my current situation... I applied for a job at Target and after I finished filling out my application I had my first interview. That went well I think, the guy said he would have my papers go through some lady then sometime they would call me up for my second interview, then sometime after that then they would schedule an appointment for me to get a drug test. They said I would know about 24 hours in advance and it's a piss test.

    Up until today, I had been smoking everyday for about a week, only about 1-2 bowls a day to my dome since I'm grounded, and before that maybe like 2-3 bowls at various times throughout the week. For the past 4 days I have been smoking chronic and before that it was mids. I weigh around 135lbs and have 7% body fat, so I guess I have a fast metabolism considering I don't really do too much cardio or anything that would involve a lot of sweating and burning of fat, if that helps determine anything.

    What I think I'm going to have to do is just stop smoking until I get drug tested. That seems like the most obvious thing to do, but what else can I do? I hear that taking Niacin helps a lot, like after you take it you turn really red and burn, I hear that that is like the fat being burned away or something like that, so I think that would help cleanse my fat of THC. I've heard a lot of people say that they take Niacin, then like 2 days later they get tested and they are clean, when they smoked like the day before they took the Niacin. Then I also hear giving blood helps cleanse your system too, there is going to be a blood drive next Friday in my area so I might do that. I also hear that THC gets stored in your crap too, so that's why I think I have heard people recommend taking shots of vinegar, it'll give you diarrhea and then hopefully that cleanses the colon of THC. Then I also hear that if you drink a lot of water, all that really does is just make your piss more diluted so that it can't be traced, but it actually doesn't speed up the process of being cleared from my system.

    Just wondering if anyone can help clear up some of these rumor type things of how to cheat a drug test. Or if anyone has a plan that they used and worked to cheat a drug test. If worse comes to worse and I doubt that my system will be clean in time, although I have no clue when they may test me or if I will even get that far in the getting the job process, I could get someone's piss who is clean. But the problem with that is how do I smuggle it in? What if it's not warm? I know someone who works at Target, so I think I'm going to ask them some more detailed questions about this tomorrow.

    Thanks if you read all this.
  2. A freind of mine had to get tested for probation. When in the bathroom, he told the guy he cant go when someone is watching. SO the guy left, and he used toilet water, and some urine. Worked like a charm. :) And he smoked the day before the test also.
  3. Niacin, Cranberry Extract, I've heard B12 helps too.

    Drink lots of water and lots of cranberry juice... and I mean lots.

    The most effective cleaning method I know of, though, is to take Detox pills at least an hour before pissing. My friend and I have been able to show up negative with no less than 4 days of being clean, and depending on your body size, I can imagine it can be a shorter period of time.

    Just make sure to stay light on the weed, and don't take too much Niacin at one time. It will feel like you have a terrible sunburn, and there's a slight chance you could have a heart attack. Also, I am not garanteeing it will work, but it has worked for me in the past. Good luck getting that job.
  4. I was wondering, if in these situations could you just say you live with people who smoke? or would the test show up to be too strong to be passive smoking?

    This is what i plan to do if anything is mentioned as a result of a routine test i may have to have.

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