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    I'm a 19-year-old female weighing at 115 lbs. I smoked out of a vape on the 4th of July with wax. I didn't smoke much, just a few small hits. It was late and I fell asleep, but I'm not sure if I passed out because I was high or because I was actually tired. It was like 3 am.

    I had a job interview today and they told me I need to perform a drug test tomorrow morning, what do I do?

    Tips for a quick detox and to pass the test?

    Also, if I fail, do the results stay on public record?
  2. Need pics to confirm a few things. Breasts may come into factor as THC can linger in body fat. But you'll most likely fail unless you get a piss kit or someone's clean peepee.
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  3. How tall are you and Whats your bmi? Do you exercise or weight train?

    Im 99% sure you will pass. I smoked more than you and my system cleaned out in 3 days.
  4. I pray that you're right !! My BMI is 19.1 and I'm 5'5
  5. Was it spit or urine test?
  6. It's gonna be a urine test

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