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drug testing + vaporizer = ???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BlnkBoi182, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. ok, my school has started random drug testing, which sucks MAJOR as a result i ahve been doing a little research on drug tests, and on the NORML website, it says that drug tests dont test for THC, they test for other things that are in the weed smoke, so my question is- if i use a vaporizer, and only inhale pure thc, then will it show up if i get drug tested? see, i dont know a lot about vaporizers, but they only give off pure thc, am i right about that? well, if anyone has any thoughts baout this, let me know....wait, also, what about eating weed then? you dont get pure thc, but its not smoked, well, thanks to anyone who replys, oh and any drug testing hints/tips/tricks/experiences would be appreciated...thanks!!
  2. I dunno about the whole vaporizer thing. It may be that other substances are given off in the vapour. But I rekon that there is probably some way of beating it. Try carrying clean piss. Or you can get synthasized dry urine (I think) that comes in powdered form. You just put it in a pot and add water (hey just carry a bottle on you) and you have instant piss. I don't know if there is any truth in that but if not *BANGS ON TABLE* WHY NOT?
  3. well ive never heard of tests that dont detect THC. Knowing that its the main cannaboid in marijuana that makes u high. I HIGHLY doubt that drug tests dont test for THC. Becuz I have taken home tests and the grid for the home test it says "THC", meaning the test detects if THC is present in ur body or not.
  4. could be a front

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