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Drug testing & the chronic smoker

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kronic420Daily, Aug 9, 2017.

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    -age: 40
    - weight: 210 Lbs
    - height: 5'11"
    - build (skinny, average, overweight):
    skinny (only place I got a little fat is my gut)
    - amount of physical activity: Daily power walking for 1-2 hrs 2x a day
    - date of drug test: No date, preparing ahead of time, so when it comes time I pass.
    - date of last time smoke: Last night, several nugs of Top Shelf indica covered in resin from my pipe.
    - frequency of smoking (last 30 days)
    - any other info that may help. Every day all day, though I stopped completely today, in case that is the only way, else I'd rather smoke

    Does a chronic smoker have to abstain or can he continue to keep on smoking and pass a test? I'm getting a jaded little with all these things I'm seeing, exactly what to do, everything and yet none of it seems to really work. Assuming most of the suggestions are from back in the day when this did work, but people need to realize it's not back in the day so they need to quit suggesting what doesn't work. I tried the Stinger total detox 1 hour and it made dilute negative. It seems like every time somebody tries to do something to circumvent it it's always dilute negative the company accepts it they call it a pass and it makes people like me I think that worked until I realized they probably got dilute negative.

    I read all the dilutions substitutions, etc. I have no idea what really works. I recently resumed smoking weed a year ago and it's been a long time since I did before then and I'm new to all what's going on.

    I need to know if abstaining is the only way or if there's something that actually works that's not a hypothesis of some sort that no one has tested or has very little testing with.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. If you don't want to stop smoking, subbing would be your best bet. All I can say about that is two things: Practice practice practice, and keep the temperature between 94-100 degrees. Personally I would just abstain. Which is what I most recently did for a UA. Especially in your case where you have no definitive timeline to getting clean. I know that's not what anyone wants to hear but it depends on how desperately you need the job. I'm 6'4" 240 lbs and I took me about 1.5 mos. to get below the 15 ng threshold with no dilution. Best of luck man.
  3. I'm 5'9 165 and I recently had a drug test. I used an old teammates pee. I got him to pee into a 5 hour energy bottle and I wore boxer briefs and put it in my gooch (spot between nuts and asshole) and being got the job. I was looking all over these forums as well and went with what I thought was best. This all just happened last Friday. All hail the gooch

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  4. Yeah....I am abstaining. It's too much of a mix on the internet to trust anything. And I'm willing to bet these are probably some old-school tactics it no longer work. So yeah that is true it's the safest way even though it sucks.
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    If you're coating your indices in resin it ain't top shelf no more :laughing:

    heard of Quick fix synthetic Urine? Dehydrated urine? Both guaranteed to work if used properly.
  6. weight: 155
    - height: 6'0
    - build: skinny, very lean
    - fairly active
    - drug test taken: 5/23/18 @9:00 AM
    - last smoked: 5/23/18 @6:20 AM
    - twice a day for the last month (roughly)
    - was a blood test, only testing for THC

    My metabolism is quick, I can eat anything and not gain a pound or feel ill. I retain my muscle and have close to no fat on my body.

    How screwed am I?

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