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  1. Ok guys, before you classify this post as just some stupid kid looking for answers that can easily be found by using the search button, please check out the situation. I recently took a drug test for a job after drinking 10 - 20 water bottles a night, not counting water during meals and sipping on water bottles all day long. Now I have not been a habitual user in a long time, I've been smoking maybe 4 hits every weekend for the last month and a half or so, maybe even less time. I drank a bottle of liquid detox from GNC on Tuesday the 23rd, I can't remember what it was called. I took a urine test about a week ago, last Wednesday the 24th, and barely failed it. I say barely because the line was barely there. Then, this past Monday I tested myself again before taking the real urinalysis on Tuesday, and it showed that I passed.

    Now comes the complicated part.

    I got nervous and took a detox pill on Monday night, with countless glasses of water, which proceeded to make me sick on Tuesday. So sick, in fact, that I could not hold down any water on Tuesday. I was throwing up all day Tuesday. However I could not get out of taking the piss test. So I did. My urine, as expected, was not clear as it would have been. I was dehydrated from being sick, which makes me believe that perhaps what little bit of THC was in my body at the time, was concentrated and went right into the cup.

    My question is this. How likely do you think it is that I failed the test? I won't know for another couple of weeks. Do ya'll think that my body was completely clear of THC before I took the detox? Any comments are more than welcome.


    P.S. Does anybody know why overgrow.com might not be working for me? I've been out of the loop for a little while.
  2. Since you only take 4 hits a week, I'd probably say it's in your system for roughly 1-5 days. From the sounds of things: You've been binging on water pretty hard, used flush twice, and passed your little pre-test. My guess is your going to pass.

    OG got shut-down - google for more information. I think you'll find GC to be a suitable home. :smoking:

    Welcome! :hello::wave:
  3. Thanks much for the reply. I was kind of hoping the same thing, however it's nice to hear somebody confirm your beliefs.

    Sucks that OG got shut down, I liked that place. You're right though, I've been browsing around here and it seems to be a great alternative.

  4. How did your test go?
  5. I won't know about the test untill at least two weeks after I took it. Which is another reason why I've kind of been wiggin out about it. lol oh well, I'll let you know though.

    Thanks for the concern
  6. So according to that Erowid thingy, I would fail a test in 10 days if I induldged about once a day?

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