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  1. I have a drug test comming up. by the time I take it it will have been 30 days. I smoked alot up until then. Can anyone tell me if yall think ill be allright, What can I do to pass it. Suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. I must respectfully disagree, Reform.. Water will not help you flush thc out of your system. If you drink it in large quantities the day of the test, you can dilute the concentration of thc metabolites in your urine, and cause a false negative... if you're taking the right test.

    Thc is fat soluble, and is stored for relatively long time. Water will not flush it out any more than you can "rinse" your fat cells out of your body. Thc must be metabolized before your fat cells will stop leaking thc metabolites into your blood stream.

    How long you test positive depends on more information than you gave. How fast is your metabolism? How much do you weigh (more importantly, how much fat do you have)? How long did you smoke.

    I have been a smoker for 14 years. I stopped for 30 days (for a job) and bought a home test to see if I was clean. I was not clean after 30 days. I have heard of chronic smokers testing positive until about 120 days clean.

    BUT, don't worry! There are options.

    I passed the gc/ms urine test (the most sensitive urine test that I know of) using a urine additive called Terminator Pure.
    After I tested positive on the home test, I decided, fuck it. If I'm going to test positive any way, I might as well test positive for a reason! I smoked about 2 or 3 joints the night before the test, and I still passed using the additive.

    But, don't think you're out of the woods for sure with the additive. Some facilities are now testing specifically for products such as Terminator Pure and Urinaid (that mask thc metabolites quite effectively, as I found out). The last estimate I heard was 5% of the facilities test for "adulteration" with those products.

    Fret not, however. There is always the most sure-fire way.... substitution.

    The company that sells "The Urinator" (do a search at a search engine) also sells cheaply a vial of synthetic urine concentrate. Give 'em that shit and they'll think you live in a clean room. It's guaranteed, and endorsed by some people who I believe. You can also use somebody else's urine (and urine can not be tested for gender, so it doesn't matter. The same test is used on urine to detect pregnancy in women, and prostate cancer in men).

    By the way, don't waste your money on those drinks that claim to clean you out or triple your money back. If you read the labels, it doesn't say that it will cause you to have a false negative on a urine drug test for marijuana of triple your money back. (The company that makes the urinator is pretty specific about what it's supposed to do, although I am not sure they come right out and say that they help others to fool drug tests. Check them out, though!) I used 2 EXTRA strength bottles of the miracle drink bullshit (for $35 a bottle) and failed (following the directions to the tee. Except I substituted some of the water that I was supposed to drink for the other bottle of gunk).

    Aaaah, I've been waiting for a drug test question. My personal experience in these matters has motivated me to learn about the urine test and how to fool them. I don't know exactly how these things are supposed to work, and I'm only speaking from personal experience.

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  3. I'd have to agree with budburner on this one. I've done it witht he carbo shakes for double my money back. I failed. I sent in for the refund and I got a letter saying something to the effect of We are unable to issue you your money back. THC is a class a controlled substance, meaning that it is illegal to use. We make no claim that our product masks this illegal substance.

    Pretty much bullshit. I can't believe companies like High Times actually advertises this shit like crazy. Along with fake-o weed and other bullshit. Anyhow..

    Tommy Chong's Urine Luck is the best. Never has failed me and I am a chronic smoker who piss tests 4 times a year give or take. Budburner's statement is true in that, there are companies who test for the additives, but unless you're going for some high level corporate position, I wouldn't worry. :)

    Never needed to use the urinator, but I hear it works pretty damn well. You can also have someone who's clean piss into a rubber glove. Tie it off and carry is under your arm. When you're piss testing, poke a little hole and let her rip into the cup. :) Works if you don't wanna shell out $200 for the urinator. :)

    Also, don't get clean piss from a pregnant woman. :)

    Good luck man, let us know how it turns out.
  4. thanks guys.

  5. Very interesting, Reform! I've never heard that before.

    One thing I'd like to mention about using a rubber glove to store urine. Or course, you'll have to wash it out and make sure there's no powder (or soap) residue.
    But the dispensing of the urine is important too. If you poke a very small hole in the latex, the stream of urine will be so small that it will cool to below acceptable temperature standards (not to mention take forever to empty). Make the hole big enough so the stream resembles the stream that comes out of your body (it doesn't matter if you get it bigger, but the smaller you go, the cooler the urine will end up).

    I taped the vial of Terminator Pure to my upper inner thigh to keep it hidden and warm (motherfuckin' OUCH if you get too much hair in there, so be careful!). If you make any painful noises, you could always say you got stuck in your zipper (of course, this may be difficult to believe if you are female…. But I suppose it's possible) :D

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