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drug testing myself

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sir HighTimes, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. just to see when my system gets clean. im on probation right now, and i want to know how long it stays in my system, to see if i can smoke again.
    is this a good way to figure it out?

    also,i will only smoke once or twice a month, within the first week after i see my PO.
  2. My head shop sells self tests for like 8$. Check w yours
  3. ill check mine out in a bit.
    but if it only takes a week for it to get out of my system, since i dont smoke often, (currently 7 months clean, not counting the one edible i had last week) then would you say its safe for me to smoke about 2x a month? my PO never calls me in for a dt, probably cause my charge wasnt drug related.
  4. Dollar Tree stores here have $1 marijuana urine tests.

    Does your probation require or allow for random drug tests? If it does, I would say it's a bad idea even if you haven't been called for a test yet. I suppose consider the consequences and decide if it's really worth it to you.
  5. i do get random tested, been on for 4 months and got tested every other month. my charge wasnt drug related, and i passed both tests so im not "high risk" i suppose.

    the thing is, i have 8 months left, and have been clean since may, so i really wanna smoke, if i can allow myself to get high at least once or twice for the remainder of probation ill be happy.

  6. Yeah, but what happens if you fail a drug test? Does it mean jail time?

    And is it worth risking jail time just to smoke a couple times?

    Personally, I'd rather wait 8 months than take that risk. But I guess you have to make that decision for yourself. :p
  7. 8 months sober in freedom is better than 8 months sober in a cage mate. Don't volunteer to be an exhibit in the local human zoo.
  8. im going to test myself to see if my system is clean, 1 week after eatting an edible, if it is clean then i feel like i would be able to smoke no problem. i realize it is a risk not worth taking, but i cant stand the thought of another 8 months, on top of the previous 7, being sober. makes me wanna just give up.

    i have a very fast metabolism and barely any fat. 19 years old, 5'6", 105 pounds

    maybe 1 bowl a month the day after i see my PO??

    ive read some of the "will i pass my drug test" thread on here, and everyone says if your on probation dont smoke, but everyones situation is different right? i only get tested every other month. maybe the other guys got legit random tests.

  9. If you couldn't follow the terms in your probational release why did you agree to it. You should've just volunteered to go to priz then so that you could be over with it by now.
  10. OP I strongly urge you to be mindful about when you smoke, it sounds like you should be fine but don't let it get to you and you break down and end up failing. Depending on your probation officer they could either give you another chance or sanction you which they will make you turn yourself in and make you sit in jail for about 3 days then continue your probation afterwards.
  11. also, since my tolerance is really low, i wont need to smoke that much to get high, so not a lot of thc in my system. will that help me also? i just dont wanna go 1 year without it.
  12. i just passed my home drug test. and i didnt really do any exercise or anything to burn fat faster. now the only thing im worried about is if ill ruin my high by constantly thinking ill fail my test that might be on the 18th. even though im positive i wont.

    i might be getting unsupervised probo in a couple months after i finish my anger management class, im not even violent nor did my charge suggest i need it but it was court ordered as a "lesson to deal with people in the future" lol. so anyways that might help me out too.
  13. Not everyone on probation gets drug tested....usually only if the crime you pled guilty to (or were found guilty of) involved a drug related crime. Note the word *usually* .... with that said, are you sure you are going to get tested?

    If you *must* smoke, buy THC test strips from Amazon, 10 at a time. They are less than $10 total including shipping and are accurate. I am currently on paper for 12 months as a low-level offender for possession of paraphernalia (M) in the great South where weed is treated the same as heroin or crack, as lame as that seems. I just started and my PO seems cool, but I have way too much to risk with my job, child and family life to blow it.

    As another poster said above, if you didn't think you could stay 'clean' for probation, then why did you agree to it in the first place? Not only could a violation cause you to serve time for the charges that were going to be dismissed if you completed successfully, but you could pickup an additional charge as well. Perhaps you just haven't spent enough time in the slammer yet in your life to realize that it's simply not worth it..... you will.....

  14. I know that here in good ol Tennessee, they can actually restart your time and you get NO time served while you are out
  15. i had to take the probation route because its a special program or whatever to get the BS assualt and battery off my record. having that on my record could fuck my life up so hard.
  16. *r u saying "assault & battery as in physical violence for self-defense?
    Also, FOI [freedom of information ] laws enable employers to view "closed records", expunged records, and molo contendres.
    I know , I know I hate it also, but it's that daym "911" that has changed everything in terms of Screening people in society.

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