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Drug testing minors?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by morpheus, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. Well I am 18, however I work at the same supermarket as my brother, who is 16. I heard a rumor that they are starting random drug testing there, however it could be un-true.

    Anyway I have a few questions about drug testing.

    -Do you think they would drug test me on the spot when I walk into work tomorrow, or will they notify me first about their policy on drug testing(They never told me about such a policy before)

    -Can they test my brother, who works as a cashier at minimum wage? He is 16 which makes him a minor, if they test us tomorrow we are both bound to fail.

    Any information would be nice.
  2. well if you work there you most likely signed a piece of paper about there drug testing policy, if they just started testing now I assume it's a new policy therefore you have to be told about it and sign a new piece of paper. As far as testing goes, you work there you have to take a test if they give you one and it wouldn't be random if they told you prior to it
  3. I never signed a paper specifically telling me about drug testing, I only work saturdays and tuesdays so if i was given till tuesday I may pass, but If i come in tommorow and they tell me to pee in a cup i am fucked being as I am high right now.
  4. don't sweat it, I bet it is just a rumor

  5. Call in sick!
  6. Well it is a wierd story, I picked up from a new dealer today, and in the car was a manager from my supermarket. About 20 minutes later I get a call and the guy is like the chick that was in the car said theres random drug testing at IGA now so be careful. So she being a manager would know if there is testing or not.
  7. This man is very wise.
  8. It's a super market drug test. Buy some pee.

  9. i like this idea, good to have some even if it is just a rumor.

    but the call in sick one is fool proof

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