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Drug testing in Jail

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whoopz, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Well just got out of the title says didn't go that well. I got my 3rd underage drinking charge. Didn't get a lawyer..couldn't afford one and honestly didn't think it would be that serious. My punishment is a fat fine and 20 days in Jail. I'm 21 in 2 months and never would drink and drive.. Thats another story...anyways I am allowed to leave the Jail for up to 12 hours a day if I am working. My boss is super chill and will just schedule me everyday that I am in..(so my punishment is more like sleeping at jail? lol)......should I assume I will get drug tested when I come in? Should I assume I can still blaze at work and just obviously be much more cautious?
  2. Lmao, why are you still employed?

    I wouldn't worry. There's no need for them to drug test you.. you've already been caught.
  3. The real question is does it matter? if you've blazed recently you're going to have it in your system for 15-30 days depending on potency, amount smoked, et cet. If that's the case and you have to go to prison tomorrow, for instance, then you're fucked if you do and fucked if you don't.
  4. was there anything ever involved with weed? have they drug tested you before?

    Sucks to have on your record, but that'll be a jokes story hahaha basically just sleeping in jail every night, working every day and blazing.

    at least you'll make some money, and hell if you cant smoke then at least when you're done you'll get ripped as fuck the 1st night out.
  5. I got DT'd when I was taken in, so probably not
  6. some jails do drug test just do ur fucking time and stop tryna bend rules u obviously got caught like over 5 times now
  7. Naw..Honestly I should have saved up for a lawyer. I was breathlyzed at a .021. Its my 3rd arrest ever. It doesnt make much sense at what I'm learning here. I got to PICK my jail time since Im a full time student and work 30 hours a going in 2 months...
  8. shoulda just picked to get it over with ASAP why would you want to wait to go to jail thats dumb
  9. because I'm currently enrolled fulltime in school. I dont want to miss tests and stuff so doing it over winter break..
  10. Don't worry, I don't think that's dumb.

    In fact. I think that's smart.:)
  11. #11 CantThink, Oct 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 20, 2011
    Thats chill you don't have to pay for food or any utility bills!

    Edit: And yea you should be chill idk why a jail would waste money on drug testing people, they probably don't even care
  12. No tests I wouldn't imagine but don't think you can bring in anything

  13. oh well in that case , thats probably your best bet , good luck man and stay safe nd out of trouble bro

  14. Uh... sounds like he has 20 days IN jail, not 20 days of sleeping in jail with work release (you get work release for being good in PRISON usually lol, jail you get work detail, meaning you work INSIDE the jail, if ANYTHING unless you are there for months......)

    Op, i dont think a drug test is an issue... if the let you CHOOSE when to go, they obviously dont thing its a huge issue.... lol i would get high until the moment i was in jail
  15. sounds like a good time to get your life in order, it's 20 fucking days. Grow up OP, stop trying to screw your life up even more.
  16. Yeah from reading I think it will be safe to smoke. And yes I get work release for my 20 days. up to to 12 hours a day. but I have to pay 25% of my gross pay to the courts......and heres the kicker to this I live 3 hours away. So from talking to the guy hes going to let me drive 3 hours work for 6 hours drive back 3 hours and then I suppose I will just sleep? This whole situation is making me feel like crap since I know someone who got dui has no jail time blah..but thanks for opinions!
  17. For a lot of alcohol charges (to include DUI) you get an option of work release. Here in Az., if you take the work release you have to pay them an extra $10 a day or some chit. (Buddy just did his 10 days for a dui, but turned down the work release option). :smoke:
  18. Nice.

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