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  1. So I'm 18 years old living in Alberta and just graduated high school. I still have no clue what I want to do as a career so I'm taking the year off and working as a labourer in construction. Not gonna lie I do like blazing a lot and am curious as to what jobs do and don't have random tests. When I say I like blazing though, it's more of an evening after work/school thing. I've never been to school or work high and I never plan on it. I just like to come home a chill out after a long day. I've cut back a lot lately though because im still not sure if I could be randomly tested at my current job. I'm willing to go to post secondary if I find the right career that requires it. I'm also willing to give up weed, it's just id rather not haha. I've seen a lot of stuff on here about how strict the states are with DTs, but what about Canada or more specifically Alberta?

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    Berta boy here too bud, most construction wont test you unless it deals with pipeline shit, whats the construction field and company?

    Edit: talked to my buddy today and he said he got drug tested too but he had been toking off and on up to 2 months before his test and he came out fine, he's a welder tho and his company does pipeline shit like i said
  3. Im working commercial for Scott builders so basically I'm just doing bitch work like sweeping and such so I'm not too worried but still being cautious
  4. If construction drug tested there would be no one left to construct.
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    Hahah that's what I thought
  6. If you don't get piss tested as part of the hiring process that's a good sign you won't get tested randomly

    But every company is different, ask the guys you work with

    A lot of places only test you after you fuck something up... Been there a couple times lol
  7. Im pretty sure from what iremsmber when @ignora tfool would talk about it.. canada laws say jobs cant drug test unless youre in a safety sensitive job like crane operator, doctors nurses, fire, ems, welder on a pipeline etc etc.. normal construction i doubt would fall into that category

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