drug testing in CA

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  1. so im looking to get a job in california. part time, nothing major or career just a job. my question is am i required by law to pass a drug test to get a job or what?
  2. No. Employers can choose to drug test or not. Some do, some don't. It's also not a requirement for you to pass or fail the drug test. If you do fail, the only thing the employer can do is not hire you.
  3. It would be the same in CA as it is everywhere else, with the exception of MMJ patients.

    If a job presents you with a drug test, and you don't pass (and don't have a MMJ card) then you aren't getting that job.
  4. what part of the bay are you from?

  5. I think there was a suit recently regarding the mmj law. I'm pretty certain the supreme court ruled that an employer had the right to terminate someone if they failed a drug test for mj yet possessed a valid mmj card.

    On another note, no one worth their salt drug tests in California :) I mean shit, half the state would fail!

  6. But you can buy synthetic urine kits at most head shops, will pass any test because it has none of the additves that most of the new urine tests check for its pure dried, comes with a warmer and test strip to keep it in passable test range:smoke:

    Good luck on the job hunt
  7. Ah ok. Well that sucks. Thanks for the clarification! And I figured not too many places would drug test out in Cali.
  8. its stupid it violates your right to privacy.
  9. Not if you understand workplace laws, which you clearly don't by saying it violates your right to privacy.

    Point is, you have the choice to refuse taking a drug test. The consequence of that would be not getting the job. It's all up to you.
  10. Wait, so you are telling us you are in CA, and you HAVE NOT gotten a medical card yet? What are you waiting for?? You wont have to worry about drug tests except federal ones but i assume you arent going for a federal career.
  11. Ross v. Ragingwire Telecommunications, Inc., decided in September 2005 on the pleadings, is under review/on cert to the California Supreme Court. The initial decision in Ross, published after the Supreme Court's decision in Gonzales v. Raich, held that employers were not required to hire an applicant who tests verified positive on a pre-employment drug test but provides a medical marijuana explanation for the positive laboratory test result.)

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