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Drug Testing HELP !!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hausen, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. Ok. I was just recently caught at school smoking. Anyways now my parents are going to drug test me once a month, I dont know what to do i really really dont wanna stop but i think i might have no choice. The worst thing is they might not do the drug tests with pee, they might do it with blood. So how can i pass if i smoke?? If theres no way i can pass just tell me and i guess ill quit till i move out. But if you guys know any sure things to pass drug tests whether it be urine or blood. Please tell me.
  2. Urine, you might be OK. Just click on the search button, and
    do a search for Drug Test. There's plenty of threads on the

    Blood, you'd be fucked.
  3. you could always become an alcoholic...

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  4. HAHA thats what i said i just bought 2 bottles today. LOL PARTY !!
  5. atta boy, ya just stick to drinking i guess
  6. Ya i cant smoke for a while until things cool down a little and they stop with the testing. Dont wanna get kicked out ya know?
  7. See, that's what's wrong with the drug war. It drives peaceful
    potheads away from the wonderful herb and towards alcohol.
    Something far worse for you than pot will ever be. I mean,
    don't parents realise that they're not doing their kids a favor
    by threatening to kick them out for smoking a little reefer?
    It's rediculous.
  8. Good point, to bad my parents will never understand it. They think im going to get into other things and that i am going to become a dependant. Would they rather me smoke ciggaretes or drink alchohol? Makes no sense, And yes they even said alchohol is fine but not weed. Parents never make sense.
  9. What the hell is wrong with moving out? Best thing I ever did
  10. ive HEARD with piss and some bleach..but dont know..ya quite till u move out..and drinking..i wouldnt start..but thats on
  11. Shit, first time i smoked weed i got caught by my mom, about 2 weeks later i found out that she was a stoner from my brother, now we all just chill....but theres one problem with it that is really fucked up everytime i get weed or alcohol my mom always asks me to save her some if she working...but not in a casual way she'll drag me into a corner and whisper it to me..and if we are in my room smoking she'll slowly migrate up into my room and since im already pretty fucking high she'll just pop out of nowehere and all of a sudden she tokin really in my case there is no escape.....later

    o ya and bout a week ago i tested her to see if she would just give me a beer since i smoke her up almost everytime i have weed, and i almost always have weed.. guess what the answer was....NO! fucking ridiculous...she wont allow cigarrete smoke in the house cause she has a lung problem but we can bake up the house as much as we want its so fucked thing of cutting her off totally...she never matches or anything only bums from me and my bro..what do you all think , you think i should cut her off??
  12. Hell no. I'd kill to have a mom who would smoke with me.
    Call it part of the rent.
  13. its just getting way out of hand tho and shes being a bitch about everything its really pissing me off

  14. Na it makes sense. They don't wanna see you end up in jail with a permanent record. Weed is much more likely to make that happen than Alcohol.
  15. They said they dont think its bad but they think im going to start other drugs, like coke or something.

  16. I would disagree. Alcohol isn't legal until 21 so you can still fuck yourself like that. And alcohol can make you do far worse crimes than posesion.
  17. Now if only my parents would understand that.
  18. yeh for the piss test u can try to drink a lot of cranberry juice. then thats all i no. my parents sometimes toke up w/ me, its funny.

  19. I think thats a will turn your piss a slight shade of red though.

    I have heard drinking alot of water every day can help, but again I dont know if thats true.

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