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  1. Ah every stoners nightmare getting drug tested for whatever reason (work,probation,etc). It's annoying, inconvenient,and unfair to the regular marijuana users.

    Some fail some pass but it's up to you if your going to pass the test. And getting clean can be a frustrating process.

    I'd like to share with you what me and my friends do to prepare for any drug test.

    Now I've tried this method on myself and I weight in at 145Lb giver take and I've also done this with my buddy who weight in over 300Lbs. We are not fit people I'm average build he's overweight simple anyone can do this.

    Forget what others say it doesn't take months or weeks to remove from your system. I've done it in 6 days shortest time and my buddy since he weighted more I told him go for 2 weeks and no problem passing. That's all you need but not without diet changes and excerise you won't be able to do this in a short time.

    Here's how I go about cleaning up.

    First and foremost cut the weed out of your daily activities. Me and my friends smoke on a daily basis. Smoking anywhere from .5gs to half ozs in a day.

    Take your ass down to the grocery store and pick up a few things.

    1. At least 180ozs of cranberry juice , no sugar added. I'm not a fan of cranberry juice but it's what works.
    2. A few of the biggest bottles of powerade.
    3. Water bottles or at least have a source like everyone should in their homes.

    These 3 beverages are going to be your best friend in the 1-2 weeks that you'll be detoxing for.
    I like to start with cranberry juice, don't kill yourself on these drinks just try and make sure their gone the day before the test. It's good to alternate between them all. But mostly you should be drinking cranberry juice because it's a natural detoxifier.

    The next step is excersise. Time to start burning them fats cells filled with that devils thc as every non smoker looks at it. What your looking for is to burn the fat and have the thc leave your body through urination.

    The best kind of excerise is running for this. Running for about a half hour a day or 2 miles.(doesn't have to be everyday at least every other day) By the end you should be dog sweating like crazy. Run with a sweater to help induce sweating. Run on a tredmil or outside whatever works for you. This is where the powerade comes in handy nice sports drink plenty of niacin and B vitamins to help stimulate urination and bring color back into it.

    2 Days for the exam
    Cut the excerise out, if you continue to excerise you have a chance of knocking out some thc still stuck to fat cells and it could come up on the examination.
    So hurray for being lazy.

    Now that we're coming to the deadline it's time to chug chug them drinks relax drink plenty of fluids no working out.

    The day of the exam make sure you turn into a water dam. Dont give yourself water poison. But drink a lot of water you should have used the bathroom a few times before the test. If your pee is clear take some B vitamins be for the test if your worried that having piss that looks like Disani lemon flavored water.

    When arriving to the facility and preping to urinate I use my midstream. So pee a little in the bowl then switch to the cup this is like the last firewall on passing.

    This my friends is the cheapest and fastest way to get clean forget all them artificial detoxers that cost 50 bucks for something that's a 50/50. I've seen my friends try it for nothing but wasting money that could be well invested in more marijuana. With this you wont spend more than 20 bucks unless you need vitamins which most people have in their homes multivitamins work or ones specifically meant for B vitamins

    Crannberry juice (no sugar)180ozs - 9$ - 13$
    Powerade (at least 2-3 bottles) - 5$-7$
    Water - Free
    Vitamins - could be make it a little more expensive they usually go for 20$ or higher.

    But hell spend 20-40 bucks and you guaranteed a pass. I've taken a lot of drug screens 6 pannels and I think the other one is 9 pannel passed them all.

    Good luck fellow Tokers any questions shoot some replys
  2. COuld you exlplain this scenario please? I am on probabtion and thru trial and error I found out that I can test clean in 16 days, I smoked the 4th of july, about 2 gs went in for appointment confident of passing and I failed after 25 days clean, How? I cannot figure it out, I have even lost some weight due to work changes and summer. I am a fit individual, 135 lbs 5'3. I have recently started taking a multivitamin with 150 mg riboflavin per day the last 3 months, reading myths about false positives, so I need some info.
  3. What happened the first time you failed?

    We are not what we seem. Aspire to be.

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