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Drug Testing at UPS

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by photographer, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Alright, so I have an interview for a 'driver helper' job at UPS tomorrow. I've already filled out all necessary paperwork for the job online. Anyways, they require a drug test.
    Has anybody worked at UPS and has first hand knowledge? Will they test me during this interview, or will it be on a later day? During the drug test, do they let you close the door to the bathroom?

    If they let you close the door, I'm planning on getting some friend's clean urine in a condom and wrapping a heat pack around that. Will that work?

    Any other information is appreciated!

    ps: i searched and read a few past DT threads, i'm just looking for a little bit more information.

    Thanks so much!
  2. I am a current UPS employee and there was never a DT Required for the job. The only way they give a test is if someone Fucks Up Big Time. I dunno Mayn, I always thought it Stood for United Pot Smokers anyway. Well Good Luck Bro
  3. fuck working for UPS, you make 120 a week starting no matter what.... it's one of those long term jobs they call it, and supposed to payoff in 10-15 years...damn!
  4. just for clarification, I'd be working for the holidays (basically until christmas). Not that long, but I really need the money. College is expensive.
  5. Has anyone had an interview for an entry level ups job? Do they do drug testing at the same time?
  6. My guess is you wont get drug tested at the interview. Well around here everyone i know who had to get drug tested to get a job they got drug tested at a different place on a different day after the interview. Usually at some kind of medical center place
  7. I have a good friend that works at ups loading trucks. He got the job around 4 months ago and never had to or has had to take a DT for the job.
  8. could someone confirm this more please.

    i too have an interview this coming monday for the same seasonal position and i stopd smoking a couple days ago.

    i was always under the impression that UPS drug tested following the interview if u were in fact hired, but now that some of you have stated otherwise and it intrigues me to whether or not this is the truth.

    any help is greatly appreciated
  9. Yeah anyone know if they do for seasonal. I applied for package handler and driver helper.
  10. All of the posts in this thread point to NO, they do not drug test. So tell me, why did you feel the need to bring back a thread from 3 years ago?
  11. My bad kyle I got directed him from google because cupcake bumped it 15 days ago.

    Sorry i bumped a 15 day old thread my bad.
  12. UPS blows monkey nuts and sucks turds.

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