Drug testing at upcoming court date?

Discussion in 'General' started by GeorgeW.Kush, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone.

    Early this year, I was busted with marijuana and long story short I went to court in May and was not drug tested but given 24 hours of community service & having to sign up for a drug class.

    I finished my community service and this upcoming Saturday is the last day of my drug class... I'm 100% clean from thc so I know I passed the class. Next Wednesday I have to return to court to show that I completed the class & the community service hours but my concern is will I get drug tested then??
  2. You shouldn't be. If they do, then for your own sake move to a legal state. You don't need to live with that bullshit.
  3. Yeah, soon enough I'll move to where I can freely blaze... I appreciate the response, I'm hoping I don't get tested
  4. I also got a court date coming up here in a few days.

    Kinda paranoid about the same shit..

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  5. Yeah man, It just doesn't make any sense to have it happen... I'm just trying to toke up lol

    But best of luck to you for your upcoming court date

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