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Drug testing at Petco?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ligalizit, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Does anyone here work at Petco? I may be applying there soon and want to know if they test & if so is it pee or saliva test?

    Havent had to take a test in years so any other related advice is welcome.

  2. I have worked there. (last year ) I had to shit in a cup.

  3. bullshit

  4. Hhaahahahahahah.
  5. ive worked there and they dont drug test, at least in colorado. It should say on the application; if they dont mention it there then you wont be tested.

  6. hahahahaha that made my lungs hurt...

    i worked at pet supplies plus last year and they didnt test worth a shit, both stores are about identical in my city so i would say that they probably dont test
  7. hahahahaha thats awesome! maybe i'll bring my own specimen to the interview to show initiative.
  8. I am also applying for a position at Petco in the Chicagoland area... just curious did you get the job? If so what city and the magic question.... did they drug test you?

  9. I like this guy, Bright & Humorous!
  10. haha did anybody find out if they do Drug Tests at PetCo though? O:
  11. I would bet that they do pre-employment testing. Probably no testing after that though.

    Drug Policy | Careers | PetSmart

    There you go, seems like there is a drug test for employment and then only if they suspect you came to work high or something.
  12. I just laughed at that for 5 minutes straight, and I'm not even baked yet.
  13. smoke catnip dufus
  14. I know a girl who worked at petco. She was constantly high, then again she was on probation too...

  15. Thanks, but that's for PetSmart haha! :p PetCo is separate from them. I couldn't find any reliable information from searches, I smoked yesterday, and I have my drug test on tuesday. I've been detoxing all day drinking green tea and coffee and water like crazy. I'm going to drink a ton of cranberry juice too.
  16. Yeah that is true, but I would bet they have similar policies. If I were you I would be expecting a drug test (either saliva or urine).

    But here's a website that you can search if your petco does drug testing.
    Companies That Drug Test - Petco performs Urine Drug Tests

    I hope it works out for you! Good Luck!:smoke:
  17. Does anyone know if they drug test at the petco in cali, i live in l.a ?
  18. I would say the odds are a piss test. Maybe just take a t-break for a month? It'll be rewarding once you confidently pass the test!
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    Petco does NOT drug test. i work there and it's a great job for stoners. you get to work with cute animals and everyone there is super cool
    i've even smoked with a manager before.

    Petsmart DOES do pre-employment piss tests but the two are different companies

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