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Drug Testing at Jobs, and really tempted to smoke tonight

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I toked last saturday. 1-2g's of Mids. I have no tolerance at all because I started in march.
    I'm gonna be applying for multiple jobs soon, and I just heard from Rite-Aid

    Everything went well... until... "Okay, thanks! Now, here are the last steps, we need to give you a drug test."

    ....oh fuck. I pretty much said screw it at that point, and walked out shaking their hand. What should I do? I live with my dad still. If he finds I failed the drug test he would probably take me to a jail/do some crazy stuff. So, is it worth taking the drug test?

    Also, I was really shocked to find this kind of store asked me to do a drug test. My sister works at a retail store similar, and she didn't have to do a test.

    Do most retail/low end stores do this?

    Does sears give drug tests?

    I'm really bored tonight with nothing to do... I have some dank bud, I really wana smoke it. Should I?

    I'm assuming i'd fail the drug test.
  2. no, you most definitley should not smoke if you need to pass a drug test.

  3. I don't need to pass it.. I never took it yet.
    I have to schedule an appointment.

    It's going to be 7 days without smoking tomorrow if I don't smoke today.
    Will I still fail? Or is a week enough to pass
  4. I would stay stop smoking, do 7 more days of no smoking and in these 7 days just drink alot of juice and water, pass the drug test. This way you have a job to buy more weed :)
  5. If you smoke regularly, on average it takes about a month to get it out of your system. If you only do it a couple times a year it could only take about a week for it to leave your body.

    If you have to take the test in a couple days, you will probably fail (no offense), so there is no reason not to smoke. Though, you should probably still try not smoke until after the test.

    If you want to try and pass, you also have the option to try and flush your system by drinking a hell of a lot of water everyday for a while. But don't go over-board, it IS possible to die from drinking too much water. I think the lethal amount is 2 liters per hour, but do not quote me on that.
  6. I have another interview set up for the 27th.
    I smoke 1 J, 1 per week.

    If I smoked my 1 j for this week tonight, and took a test on the 30th, (7 days)
    would I probably pass? I smoke once a week
  7. If you know you're going to fail, then don't take it. AND even if you do fail it, how will your dad find out? ASSUMING that you're 18, he doesn't have to know if you failed it or not, they don't call you back if you fail it.

  8. Don't be a dumbass about it. You might pass if you drink a lot of water the night before/morning of the test. How much/often did you smoke before that?

    Yes, most places, and the list grows daily, drug test.

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