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Drug testing and thc levels

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Itsmymedicine, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Don't know if I'm posting in the right forum but wanted to ask any fellow tokers who have experience with probationary drug testing. I was placed on a color wheel program (random testing done Monday through friday) on the 8th of april and gave my first and original sample at that time but wasnt told what my levels are. I have yet to take a second test which would determine to probation wether or not i have been smoking since my first given sample. So my question is if i have reduced my amount of bud intake from everyday at least 4-5 bowls a day for the past two or three years and about twice as much on the weekends to just a couple hits a day or every other day will my levels of thc still go down or remain the same? Im not too worried about testing postive just that my level goes down from my first test. Thanks for any and all input!
  2. Diluting bladder and avoiding all fat for 6 hours. Pee clear 4 times or so. 30 min before UA. Chew 6 or so b 12 vitimans. Will give urine sample a lemonade tint in color.

    Never failed UA. Ever. Never took a toke break.

    I don't recommend this at all.
  3. What wouldnt you recommend? And my concern with dilution is the level of testing, it will be sent to a lab. Also what is the consensus on cranberry pills do they help at all with the dilution process?
  4. Well. Dilution only works if you keep fat out of the digestive and blood system. Then tch metabolites will not acumilate in the bladder.
    I avoid sugars too. Food is avoided. Fat specifically. Lipids are the things that tch attaches to. Fat is a lipid as is tch.
    Never heard of a tamperd UA with bladder dilution. Unless they litterly added bleach or asperine to the sample. But has happen I bet.

    Water. B vitimans. The more sugars and shit the less likely your bladder will me metoblite free.

    PE pee pee pee. Dont chug. Sip it. Before test. Releave yourself once olmire and Crunch up some b12s and swallow em.

    Middle stream for the sample.
    Exercise is not a good idea. If you burn your stored fat it will release metoblites.
  5. I have a question similar to this. Today makes 28 days since I last smoked weed. The main reason I stopped was because I thought I would have a job at Wal-Mart but the way things are looking, I don't think they are going to call back but I dont want to smoke a full blunt & dirty my system up again. My question is if I smoke a little piece of a blunt would it start over my sobriety and put me back at square 1? It's not any loud or dank its just some mid I got from a neighbor for helping him move a light chair into his house. Im attaching a picture showing where my finger is, is how much I'm planning to break off to smoke following a cigarette.

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    Definitely appreciate the info, just a little more background im about 5'9" and 125 pounds with a very high metabolism and dont excersie but walk a fair distance almost daily to and from work im also on my feet and moving constantly during the day ( i work at a car wash) I will have about a 7 hour window to dilute after im made aware of my test 8:30am is when they call colors and i have until 7pm to give my sample if/when they call my color i plan on not eating at all and intake nothing but water or gatorade, i dont think ill get tested more than 2 or 3 times a month so would it be safe for me to continue smoking just a couple hits a day with this method?
  7. I'm skinny and always relied on dilution. So I'm not to familiar with my metabolisms ability to shead the tch metabolites in stored in fat.
    As long as you well hydrated and below 2000 calories a day. Most men will loose 1pound a week this way. Wich will shead the tainted fat.

    The bigger your waist the more detox days added.

    All your really doing is getting a percentage increase of negative reading with each day.

    How long till next UA ?.if any.

    I'd shead that .3 blunt within two weeks. And not have to dilute sample
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  8. I'm given no forewarning as to my next ua ill only know the day of at 8:30 in the morning but have most of the day to dilute, also what about the other compounds in your urine that they test for such as creatinine and specific gravity will these not be affected? And would you possibly have any recommendation as to about what my limit should be on toking?
  9. Iv only be told they test for creatine levels when the sample is clear. If yellow they only test metabolites of narcotics.
    You can eat some red meat to up the creatine levels a few hours in advance. No fat tho. Best to have the cow still mooing. Rare.
  10. Well smoking a blunt atm between three people plan on not Smoking for a while after this gonna attempt this dilution method whenever i receive a notice that i need to give a sample but plan on subbing when I'm able to order a wiz clear
  11. Use the Dilution method... google it! follow it!

    make sure you load creatine monohydrate several days before your test.. 5g or more everyday for 3-4 days prior to the test..... or in your case.. maybe every day.. just make sure your drinking plenty of water daily.. for your kidneys sake..

    don't ever, i repeat, don't ever try and substitute during a probation ua.. if your caught, and odds are you probably will be, they can, and will violate your probation, send your sorry ass to jail and charge you will a felony... I know, I've seen it. The person used a wizzinator...

    good luck! But your better off quitting, but if you can't, then make sure you don't fail a single ua, and petition for early dismissal of probation.. I've seen that first hand many times...
  12. I would just quit. Some probation officers don't fuck around.

    there's certain accidents where you may be drunk and on drugs.
    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not
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  13. BRO! Do not try and use a wiz clear or any type of subbing device.. they watch you, literally, its someones job to watch dicks all day long,, and guess what, they can tell when a dick doesn't look like a dick and they can and will make you strip naked, and they will arrest you right then and there and violate your probation.. . be careful bro its not worth it,,, just dilute.. srsly
  14. I would hate to have that job "hey why does your dick look like that!? Let me see"

    there's certain accidents where you may be drunk and on drugs.
    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not
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    \ i plan on going dilution and see what their process is, my first test the guy just sat in a chair and looked into an angled mirror around the toilet and really didnt seem too concerned as long as he saw real a dick, what would be your thoughts on creatine monohydrate and a workout regimen on a regular basis would that help or hinder? If im taking creatine id like to use that for more than one benefit. Also what is the deal with adding salt to gatorade to assit with leveling out the pH and specific gravity?
  16. The gravity tests for creatinine levels,, which is a metabolite of creatine... (found in meats and other foods in small amounts)..... take 3-5grams a day every day to maintain a high level of creatinine in your urine, this is important to pass the gravity test while diluting with excess water intake...

    they most of the time they only send it to a lab for analysis if it fails the instant test.. but some counties are different and send every single test out to a lab to run ms/gc tests on it.. either way prepare for the lab test on it, you don't want to be locked up homie, trust me it sucks!!!!!

    just lift some weights bro, I wouldn't recommend running or too much cardio as it can can cause additional thc metabolites to be released into your urine from the burning of fat cells.... ect.... but the key is making sure your drinking plenty of water daily to make sure you don't fuck up your kidneys taking all that extra creatine.. the dilution method defiantly works, just make sure you follow the instructions,,, google "dilution method" and look for a faq or write up.

    stay safe and outta cuffs.. .
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    So do you think if im only puffin a couple onies a day and i follow the dilution method along with the creatine regimen ill consistently pass? And what kind of creatine monohydrate should i get the powder or the capsules? I understand dilution pretty well id substitute about half the water for Gatorade but take b12 and a couple rolaids idk how i feel about aspirin but besides that it's pretty simple. Pretty sure they'll be running the ms/gc test on it consistently because it's really not probation its drug court and i haven't been convicted of anything.. yet. So what they're looking to see is my levels go down from my original test
  18. Nothing beats a natural detox method.
    You can practice with some home test and get the hang of it.
    I think of dilution is flushing the system as much as you can before the test. Then coloring it with b12. So there allays going to some chance of error.
  19. Well today around 6pm will be my first dilution attempt i have rolaids and two 20oz gatorades i will be picking up some aspirin and b12 and should have all my bases covered besides the creatine monohydrate which i will have to get tomorrow, but i did eat two mcdoubles from mcdonalds last night do you think this will help with my creatinine levels?
  20. Naw.. the burgers won't really help.. make sure 3-4 hours before you start drinking water.. 12-16oz every 20-30mins... you will start to pee every 20 mins... I don't remember the exact timing of it all... but I followed the original dilution method... Just make sure you drink enough water, it will make you sick, your stomach will hurt and you will feel weird, like dizzy and have a weird taste in your mouth... prob from lack of electrolytes.. I don't know, but i do know dilution method makes you feel sick.. after you get outta there you will want to burn and grub down bro... you got me reminiscing about how shitty it was being on probation... I never had a dirty ua ever!.... It was also probably the most stressful time in my life, because you literally have your future and your life in your own hands... and its all up to drinking some damn water... so drink the damn water!!! lol but seriously be careful bro, get out of drug court as fast as you can!! trying to get a job with a felony is really really really hard.. let me tell you... you will be doing some bullshit or breaking your back for a paycheck... and you can even get financial aid for college... just be very careful brother..

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