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Drug Testing and Medical Marijuana

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by kigy, May 24, 2006.

  1. Well first of all I've been smoking heavily for about 9 months for insomnia and recreational purposes. I plan on getting a job at Best Buy but I know they drug test. My question is are workplaces required to exempt you from marijuana testing if you have a medical marijuana card? I don't have one right now mainly because I just haven't gotten around to getting one and prices I get and club prices are completely different and its the same quality buds. I could just detox or use a drink but I'd rather not. Anyone have any experience with this?
  2. even if you have the med card.....a job wont excuse you from a test, so i'd say time to de-tox. i have my med card and f.y.i. bout the stuff it's good for is: it help with the cops, and you always will have a weed hook-up at the club's.
  3. Companies can go buy what ever weird rules they want. If they don't want you to drink alcohol, they can test you can I'm sure fire you for it. (assuming you signed something upon being hired that stated you understood their policy towards _________). So yeah, the green card won't do shit in this department. They still want you to be clean. The advantages are exactly as mr.niceguy just stated, everything else is still the same.... but you don't even escape the rather of all cops; watch out for feds.
  4. lol green card (thats funny to hear it called that, im by the border so i hear green card and i think about other stuff) oh and watch for the d.e.a.:smoking:
  5. Wow... I'd kick someone's ass for a MMJ card.

    I have a green card. But my green card doesn't get me bud. It just keeps immigration of my dick.
  6. i think they won't care about weed cause you have a scirpt for it but anything else is fair game
  7. im sorry but i dissagree. look @ it this way: if i had a perscription for vicodin (or somethin stronger)do you think a job would let me go work for them?? no they wont and there many reasons...but a good one would be insurance.... would if at best buy(for the guy who started the post) i dropped a tv on someone? well insurace will want to see why and if they see weed in my system they would have a damn good reason, to not cover the store
  8. Alright thanks a lot guys. A couple people including my mom have enoucraged me to just pay the $150 and get the card to stay out of trouble with the cops and stuff. I think I"ll do that sometime pretty soon. Sucks that it won't be accepted at job places though.
  9. I actually went through this in March and luckily my job was real cool with it. I guess it all depends on your place of employment.
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