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Drug Tested at Doctors, What Are My Options?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gone08, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I am pretty sure there are privacy laws. They can't release your medical records to anyone without your consent. They tested me when I found out I was pregnant, told me that they don't recommended recreational drug use while pregnant. I quit for the rest of my pregnancy and that was 4 years ago, no repurcussions.
  2. there are no blood urine tests neccesary for being diagnosed with ADD. I "have" adult ADD and when I was taking those horrible Ampetamine's I had to See my Phyciatrist First. He diagnosed me, and wrote me the script. Only after I got that script from a Physciatrist, I was able to get refills from my Primary care physician. He needed verification of my ailment.
    But yeah everything has a process dude. :smoke:
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    [quote name='"gone08"']So I recently went to the doctor for random sickness issues and basically a regular physical. The doctor did regular testing or so I thought as well as a blood/urine test (I thought this was normal for an adult physical). To my surprise upon looking at the carbon paper receipt I got, they tested for normal things (CBC, CMP, Lipid Profile, and TSH) but also a UDS 5 which I assume is a 5 panel drug test. Note that I never consented to this nor did I sign anything whatsoever (including the financial stuff as I am still under my parents insurance). (20 years old btw)

    Now to why I am worried.
    -1-2 weeks prior I took 1 10mg IR Adderall ( I dont have a prescription, needed to cram for a test)
    -I smoke socially when there is a bowl being passed around, Id say I have smoked about once or twice every two weeks with the most recent being Saturday night (11/19) and the test was Wednesday morning (11/23), I typically take 3-5 hits or so off of a bong if that matters
    -I am constantly around people that smoke, all of my friends do and my neighbors (duplex neighbors) smoke an eighth a day easily. So I am exposed to a lot of second hand THC

    -Was it legal for the doctor to have me tested for drugs without my consent
    -Am I likely to get caught? (I had a kidney infection at the time of the test which doesnt help)
    -Who can actually find out about the results besides the doctor and I?
    -What are my options as far as disputing the results if they come back positive?

    I know Im new to the community but I appreciate any and all comments and suggestions![/quote]
    doctora cant release any information, its a doctor-patient code, adderall im pretty sure gets out out body quick, u only took 10mg so i think ur fine, iv talked to my doctor about my drug use, the only thing he said was since i cant stop u from taking drugs, well be safe and now what your taking beforw you take em.

    he cant legally tell your parents, ur older than 18 and that allows you to be an adult and be treated like one.
  4. i am open and honest with the docs about how much weed i i dont live in a med state....
    .....and the other drugs i have much how often what kind....
    the only time anything ever came of it.....

    when the last doc gave me a skript for valum(sp?) a "just in case" not something to take regularly......(i have a fucked up type of epilepsy and dont take meds for it..the valum is to slow my brain down a bit when i feel it getting bad)
    now because of my freely admitted drug use.....she asked me to sign a paper saying she can test me whenever she likes.......and i wont show positive for anything other then weed and what she prescribed my case this was just to cover her ass giving a skript for a controlled substance to an admitted drug user.....

    most docs are very cool on the subject.....

    she (the doc) did also try and suggest i go and get a skript for med mj from the next state over.....her greatest concern being...she didnt want to see me get into trouble acquiring my "meds" illegally....of not going to jersey to get a skript...or to get my bud.....

  5. I had planned on being open an honest with the doctor about smoking until he asked If I drink alcohol. I said "yes on occasion" and he started condemning me for 5 minutes about how awful alcohol is for your body, that its illegal for me to be drinking since I'm 20, blah blah blah might as well have said I'm going to hell for drinking. Needless to say when he asked me if I smoked marijuana next I immediately said no.

    I was just like shit, I'm an engineering student in tough classes, it natural for me to try to find stress relievers. Its not like I'm the atypical college student that's binged out on drugs and alcohol while everyone else stays straight and studies through the weekends
  6. You probably don't need to exercise options unless it was a police ordered drug test. Doctor's can't just call up the cops with your medical info or they will lose their licence to practice.

    Its probably better in the long run. My Doctor has known about my weed smoking for 5 years since I started going to her clinic. I told her when she asked me if I smoked or drank. Now if anything goes wrong with my body, at least she has a better picture of what might be going on inside me, "drug" use included.

  7. Doctors are well versed in the art of health

    alcohol is fucking terrible for you, he is correct. Cannabis is only bad for you in terms of smoking it, and he very well knows that. Shoulda just been honest, you pay him to treat you, not judge you

  8. hes right.......alcohol is fucking horrible for you;):smoke:
    so is tobacco.....
    you never know....had you said yes...he may he ever suggested you smoke more pot and drink less!!!!!!!!!lmfao!!! ok so maybe not....but my only point with that never know?
    unless your doc is blind to the world round him....he knows what is going on with med marijuana all over the place....most docs are not takes alot of school to get where they are....;):smoke:
  9. Yeah I just thought I'd try my luck since my dad was in the room at the time and possibly since 72 hours had passed I might be able to pass the test since I smoke so infrequently

  10. you think your mom made them test you (based on a previous post) and your dad was in the room

    and you work for the DoD?

    and are only 20

    something isnt adding up here
  11. my memory is garbage....have you gotten the results yet? if you said so it is to far back for me to read from the reply page.... infrequently as you listed is possible you may pass....small possibility.....but its there.....
    detectable in urine for 48-72hrs after single use.....
    the more you use....the more often you use...the longer it takes....up to as much as 12 weeks....according to a poster in the probation office last time i was on probation a few years ago......and according to the assholes at this site over here.... Drugs of Abuse FAQ, Marijuana drug testing facts of coarse they also recommend that parents "establish random marijuana drug testing at home at a very young age".....whatever

    ignore those people..... many blades first find/found this place looking for the answer to a question they had......;):smoke:

  12. Yep, my mom is paranoid that I am taking amphetamines since my cousin who goes to the same university as I got caught taking them. She thinks I'm a liberal bastard because I denounced my faith and am exponentially more open-minded than her. Lots of drama to say the least lol

    My dad was in the room because I never complain about anything nor do I ever get sick so he had a general concern as to whether or not there was something wrong with me neurologically. (I also think my mom put him up to it since the doctor can't tell her anything.)

    I do work under a DoD contract at the moment doing MEMs and NEMs based research for the Navy Electromagnetic launcher (i.e. Railgun) Due to a NADA I can't go too much in depth as to what I do so you're welcome to google it to get an idea
  13. I would have told my dad to sit in the waiting room, as an adult you can do that

    also, as an adult i would tell my parents to fuck off if i wasnt doing anything unsafe and they were accusing me of it, thats their bad
  14. Woot! Literally just got the phone call from the doctors office and all that they mentioned was a cholesterol level of 209 and everything else was healthy, I assume that since they didnt mention anything about the drug test they didnt detect anything or they couldnt tell me over the phone? Not sure what to think about the receipt saying a UDS-5 test now?

  15. Such a douche bag man ha ha kidding. But that wasnt my point, it's just apprentice gets flooded with drug test questions by new users who never return. I personally do not like it. Doesnt mean everyone has to agree with me :bongin:
  16. I remember getting a physical recently and outright telling the doctor that I smoked pot when it got brought up in conversation.

    There's confidentiality involved my friend. Chill.
  17. Legally, the doctor can't share the results of your test with anyone so you should be fine.

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