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Drug Tested at Doctors, What Are My Options?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gone08, Dec 1, 2011.

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    So I recently went to the doctor for random sickness issues and basically a regular physical. The doctor did regular testing or so I thought as well as a blood/urine test (I thought this was normal for an adult physical). To my surprise upon looking at the carbon paper receipt I got, they tested for normal things (CBC, CMP, Lipid Profile, and TSH) but also a UDS 5 which I assume is a 5 panel drug test. Note that I never consented to this nor did I sign anything whatsoever (including the financial stuff as I am still under my parents insurance). (20 years old btw)

    Now to why I am worried.
    -1-2 weeks prior I took 1 10mg IR Adderall ( I dont have a prescription, needed to cram for a test)
    -I smoke socially when there is a bowl being passed around, Id say I have smoked about once or twice every two weeks with the most recent being Saturday night (11/19) and the test was Wednesday morning (11/23), I typically take 3-5 hits or so off of a bong if that matters
    -I am constantly around people that smoke, all of my friends do and my neighbors (duplex neighbors) smoke an eighth a day easily. So I am exposed to a lot of second hand THC

    -Was it legal for the doctor to have me tested for drugs without my consent
    -Am I likely to get caught? (I had a kidney infection at the time of the test which doesnt help)
    -Who can actually find out about the results besides the doctor and I?
    -What are my options as far as disputing the results if they come back positive?

    I know Im new to the community but I appreciate any and all comments and suggestions!
  2. I have only ever heard of doctors testing during a physical at the request of the parents or guardians, and that is when the patient is a minor.

    I don't know if it was illegal for the doctor to test you, but I know for a fact it is illegal to give anyone, including your local PD, that information.

    That said, the doctor should not care and I have no idea why you would want to dispute the results? Do you really care what your doctor thinks of you ethically?

    IF: you are under 18 and your parents opted for the test, the doctor can and will tell them if you passed or not, and any dispute will most likely be met with patronization.
  3. I am 20, so under HIPPA my parents would have no way of finding out correct?

    And the reason for the concern, hes not my usual doctor so I could give a shit what he thinks of me, is if the results of the test stays in my medical records?

    I'm going to sound really stupid for this but I currently work under a Department of Defense contract in college doing research and I am hoping to work for them when I graduate, I am wondering if this will follow me to trying to get that job?

  4. Most places don't check your medical history. If anything, you MIGHT have to pass a physical and a drug test, but nothing more.
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    5-uds sounds like a 5 urinary drug screening indeed

    however, that doctor cant do shit with those results, doc - patient confidentiality man

    and you have to consent to a drug test for the results to be used against you lol....

    Keep in mind, drugs in your system arent illegal... unless you are doing something that creates an illegal situation lol

    but if it was just a physical, i dont think you need to worry... ive been blood tested many times and ive never been questioned lol
  6. Your way to paranoid
  7. Also, the doctor diagnosed me as most likely having ADD after this check-up, and he freaked out when I said that I occasionally drink in moderation (I hate lying and was hoping he would trust me more if I told the truth) could this have led to his assumption that I was doing drugs?

    It would not surprise me though if my mom had requested the test as she suspects that I abuse ADD medications. (I have taken about 8 adderall pills in the past 3 years, not legal but I wouldnt say I abuse them especially when the doctor suspects I have ADD based merely on a physical
  8. Your Private Physician cannot disclose any of your medical records to the DoD unless you are applying for a security clearance, in which case you forfeited your rights long ago.

    I know Physicians have to supply surgery records to the military upon request, but beyond that, I can't say.

    The DoD will have their own team of physicians to hair/blood/urine test the shit out of you until they are sure you are clean, so they most likely won't even inquire about prior urinalysis.

    If this physical is specifically for the DoD though, you're fucked man.

    Good luck with it all, hope that stress fades :smoke:

  9. If you are 20, your mom cant tell the doctor to do shit, and he knows that very well

    he also cant tell her anything you havent specifically told him he can.....
  10. It's always nerve-wracking when it's your life.
  11. Thanks for the replies, I'm not too worried about my parents finding out, just hoping this doesn't follow me. I assume this would stop the doctor from diagnosing me with ADD correct, since I would come off as a drug pusher or he could warp the symptoms to be caused by marijuana?
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    I was reading the post then I decided to look at OP's join date and post count- Dec 2011 , 2 posts. -_____- I'm tired of this. Using GC like we're some cheap whore to be tossed around.

    Edit: unless you plan to become an active member :D :bongin:

  13. cheap whore, this site is free, if you forgot...

    we also welcome people to ask questions as this community is here to help, not be arrogant and act like new comers dont have the right to be here.

    oh NOW you edit the post and i look like a dick hehehehehehehehe
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    you're fine HIPPA prohibits sharing sharing patient's information without the consent of the patient. Last year I was in the hospital for a blood infection and a stomach problem, they drug tested me and the only thing the doctor did was tell me how bad it is for me blah blah blah but they didn't do anything else.
    EDIT: I see you're doing a DoD contract, they will most likely drug test you further into the job so you should get clean, my father is the head of R&D at a defense contractor and he gets random drug testing, as do my cousins and grandparents, because they all work for the DoD.
  15. Nope this physical was not job related at all, my parents basically forced me because I kept complaining about not being able to pay attention in class and I kept forgetting things all the time. (This has been going on since soph year of HS and Ive only been smoking since last year so there really isnt a correlation)
  16. I've been a lurker for over a year and have bought from grasscity's store, so im not trying to use anyone I just havent had a genuine reason to post anything until now since everything else has practically been posted by others and this is a personal thing
  17. If what you are saying is factual, You can sue your doctor and put him out of business. However for that reason, I highly doubt you were given a drug test. Most Primary Care doc's dont even have the materials needed to give a drug test and will often outsource you to a Testing facility that you have to visit seperatly.

    This is a process. You need to sign shit, and consent to it. .

    Your fine.
  18. Thanks for the response,

    I was wondering if the doctor has a legal right to drug test me for his own benefit in trying to diagnose me with ADD? Or is that illegal too, as in its illegal no matter what since I signed absolutely NOTHING?
  19. Ok you said you looked on your receipt. Do you remember them taking your urine sample?

    If so, I went through this when I was like 13. They wanted me to pee in a cup, I was freaking out I was going to get into trouble for a pee test so I told them I couldn't go.

    Turns out that the dumbass nurse pulled out the pee kit which is used for GIRLS and determining if they are pregnant or anything based on their hormone levels and shit.

    Never had to pee in the cup, and even if I had, you probably got the pregnancy test ;)

  20. Well he could argue it was to determine if the add type symptoms were from drug use lol

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