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  1. This upcoming Thursday the whole high school football team is going to get a physical for $5 at the medical center, I have to go since it's so cheap but what I'm worried about is if they will do drug screens? I know at a normal physical they dont do drug tests unless requested but I'm just wondering if you guys think they will since it's the whole football team going, a lot of schools take the whole team at one time just to get it out of the way so if someone on here knows please tell me
  2. They usually do piss tests for even regular physicals
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    Yeah but they are just making sure it's healthy they aren't looking for thc
  4. High school sports always drug test I think. Even middle school does now

  5. Not in my country ;)
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    HMMMM i seemed to be wrong*

    they have you pee in a cup, but im not sure if they check for drugs.

    If its a sport, im guessing they will....

    just take a break, and if you have to; buy fake urine..
  7. I know for sure when you pee in the cup at a normal sports physical that they aren't looking for drugs cause if that was the case my none of my friends would play football, and I smoked Monday night and the team is going to the health center Thursday, if it comes down to it, I'll just fake sick that day and make an appointment sometime lake next week to go get a sports physical when I'm clean
  8. nah, that would cost em too much money. it'll be the cheapest physical possible if it's by the school.
  9. they wont. i have had the same 5 dollar physical. all they do is look at you and tickle your balls. for 5 bucks. good deal.
  10. I dont know why people get so worried, unless its for probation or some other legal matter you are golden. Just bring some clean piss with you. No doctor is gonna stand in there and watch you piss, they will just give you a cup and send you to the bathroom.
  11. So i dont think fake urine would work because if they tried to test the same batch for drugs and how healthy you are they would be like "Ummmm i dont know how to tell you this but you shouldnt be alive"
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    Haha thanks now I can relax finally, Hopefully I will get a hot blonde nurse to tickle my balls I wouldn't mind paying 5 dollars for that at all! But are you in high school also?
  13. You will get a hot dude to give you a reach around sack cupping hahahaha. But seriously, don't worry about it, drug testing is too expensive to do for $5 dollars because they would have to test for several drugs to not be discriminatory and that would just be too expensive. I assume they are merely making certain you are in decent condition to protect their own liabilities.
  14. Quick fix Synthetic urine.
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    Haha this made me laugh

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