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drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hrblintelligenz, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. hey there I am getting a job this week and they may drug test me and for some reason I think they will. I have smoked constantly (2 blunts a day) for a year and the year or two before that on and off. Wtf do I do to pass this thing? It looks like alot of the info and detox kits are bullshit online and I know that drinking water, time, exercise, detox, and dilution seem to be the best way to pass but does anyone have any other tips that have worked. I have only stopped smoking today and will continue to stay smokeless for this week and am chugging shit loads of water. what are my chances?
    I know metabolism, weight, frequency of use and shit loads of stuff come into play and it can take weeks to be fully clean but if I stop for a week and drink tons of water and take a detox kit I hope it works. I am 6'2'' and weigh around 175-180 pounds. any help would be awesome I need this job and don't want it fucked up because of a drug test!:smoke:
  2. use the search function man, someone asks this question every few hours, but to go ahead and answer it for you, with only a week it is unlikely you will pass the test without going to extremes. Good luck though man! Also try a sauna, worked wonders for me!

    Edit: Don't forget to be safe, passing a drug test isn't worth a trip to the hospital or worse!

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