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Discussion in 'General' started by JonnyPotSeed, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. Hey everybody man friend left his bong out and his dad found it and said he's going to start giving him drug test is there anyway thats good to get it out of your system fast.Man but i love that bud.It the fucking best and always there for ya. Peace going to HIGH as a mother fucker.
  2. dude, i heard that if you hit yourself in the head with a brick till you pass out you will pass any drug test.
  3. 2 multivitamins a day, alchahol if you want, LOTS of cranberry juice, and plenty of exercise.. thats pretty much the standard procedure
  4. AHahAHahHAhahAH
  5. damn..i was at a local headshop just yesterday and the guy was showing a customer a new product that just came out...Its a container of pills you take before and after you smoke and within 24 hours the thc count is lowered drastically..it doesnt make it fully dissapear, but it cuts it down to just above tolerable levels...after that, you just go and do the standard cranberry juice, liquid diet and everything turns up ok...its not a masking product either, it chemically alters your metabolism to get thc through your system faster...i dunno how that would affect your high but drastic times call for drastic measures...if I go in there sometime soon Ill try and remember to look for the name.
  6. take 3 gallons of water and syphen them up his butt. lol j/k man. :D
  7. LESFLEANUT!!!! you listen to wesley willis? Ive always loved that retarded son of a bitch! I just saw him perform at a local restaurant a few months back...hes so fucking cool. My friends and I used to listen to him all the time while stoned just crackin ourselves up. The best is "I whooped batmans ass" and "rock N roll Mcdonalds"...those are some classics

  8. hell yea, that guy is soo funny, I envy you that you got to see him.
  9. he was hilarious...he usually tours with his band the 'wesley willis fiasco' but they werent there that night, it was him and his keyboard... he asked the crowd if they wanted him to freestyle and he started flippin out..started off rapping ok with some funny rhymes,and people who dont know hes retarded thought it was an act but then he just got so intense and started freakin out and yelling about nonsense and the devil and how hes a bad bad bad person who deserves to be in hell with the zombies.....hes nuts....but in a good way...hes like beetoven nuts
  10. did he have the world famous bump on his forehead. he greets people by head-butting them. and after all the years he got a huge bump on his head. lol.

    P.S. my favorite song by him is "I whooped batmans ass" lol "batman beat the hell out of me and knocked me to the floor" I laugh so hard every time I here that song. lol :D
  11. i never even noticed his head...i heard he headbutted people but never even thought of checking...so it must not have been anything outrageously swollen. I whooped batmans ass has to be one of my top tens....its just like the most seriouse song he sings and its like some crazy epic battle between batman and this retard...

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