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Drug Test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KingJesus, Feb 17, 2009.

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    I know everyone hates these threads but I'm pretty nervous about a job I have coming up. It's at a local hospital where my dad manages one of the laboratorys(so he knows everyone I will be working with). This is by far the best possible job I will be able to find with the economy the way it is these days. If I pass the test I'll be making 10.50/hr on weekdays and 12.00/hr on weekends(not bad for only a high school education) and I wont be doing manual labor. I'll be working as a lab tech assistant in the microbiology lab. But enough of that.

    Up until about a month ago I smoked every day several times a day. When I put in the application I stopped smoking and took some detox. I felt like if I did the detox it would stop me from smoking because I would feel like I was wasting the money I spent on it. So I didn't smoke for 2 weeks and never heard back from the hospital. At that point I lost my job at the restaurant I was working at and ended up smoking a blunt with my roommate. Then one of my friends kept getting fire over the next few days and was inviting me to smoke with him, which I did. I probly smoked for I would say, 5 days in a row. At that point, the hospital called me back, wanting to schedule an interview.

    The only thing that was going through my head was "god damn it..." So I went and got some more detox sometime between Jan 29 and Feb 1. Since then I have not smoked and have been trying to drink a decent amount of water(haven't been doing it every day). I've had a cup of green tea with breakfast every day for over a week or so and for the past few days I have been drinking water heavily. I also fuck my girlfriend on a daily basis and that works up a pretty good sweat.

    I'm 5'8 and weigh somewhere between 115-120 lbs. I have the drug test tomorrow and I'm really hoping all goes well. If I fail not only will I be out of a job, but my dad will know I'm still smoking, will be embarassed, and will be fucking PISSED. Do you guys think I'm going to pass this shit? I really think I will but I cant help but have this feeling in the back of my head like I might fail. I would go buy another detox but I'm completely broke.
  2. Don't know man, hard one to answer, not looking good though.

    Since it's in a hospital it doesn't sound like they will do some lame test...

    Keep us posted.

    Good luck!
  3. wow man this is my life story, except trying to get into school...and good luck cause im like 1 out of 10 on passing drug tests, got another one tomorrow...but yeah i bought a 50 dollar 10 day detox kit and a 25 dollar 7 day because i kept smokin after i would use them... pointless, try niacin and cranberry juice thats what i did this time.
  4. Last July I smoked nearly every day, but got pinched. I finally got tested towards the end of August, and came up clean. No intense water drinking, no green tea or anything. In just under a month it was out of me.

    Hopefully you're as lucky as me!

  5. Yeah its going to be a lab piss test. I'm thinking about just drinking a FUCKLOAD of water up until I take it and hoping its too diluted to test. So that will at least give me another day. Fuck. Shit.
  6. i did that shit for school two or three times, they will just consider it an auto fail.

  7. They might but no one can tell you NOT to drink as much water as you want to!
  8. That's exactly what I was thinking. Would they really fail someone automatically just because they drank a lot of water that day? I could tell them I just went out to eat with my girlfriend at a wings restaurant and we tried the spiciest wings they had and I couldn't help but drink that much water.
  9. i had been sick over the weekend and i got tested monday and i told them i went to the doctor and was specifically ordered to drink a lot of liquids...still failed me. as much as you argue, people who run drug tests are complete assholes and dont give a shit about what is logical

  10. ^^^^^No! You already would be saying too much.

    You just happen to drink a lot of water (if they ask) and that's it!

  11. You're probably right. I'm thinking about this too much. I've probly drank close to two gallons of water tonight. But I'm still freaking out.
  12. Do you have any retailers around you (Headshops) that carry synthetic urine. Like leapfrog said, its a lab, they're not going to do some micky mouse fucking whizz quiz. Shit, thats the job is to process urine, so you better be clean as a whistle. So honestly, I don't like being that guy but you're probley fucked right now. Try and get ahold of some quickfix, I haven't used my bottle yet, but some friends have and said it works like a charm. You will be fine if you can get your hands on that.

    Option number two, as stated before is to drink a shitload of water. A shitload. Dilution is the solution to polution, so drink as much as you can possibly drink. They may count it as an unreadable, but again, like leapfrog said, they CAN NOT fail you for having too much water. However, it is completly possible that they will make you redo it.
  13. :(:(:(:(:(

    Yeah I'm seriously considering staying up all night drinking the fuck out of some water. I would go to a head shop and get something like that but I'm completely broke. Has anyone heard of the brand OMNI and their detox? The lady at the local shop told me she's been carrying them for around 10 years but that didn't really answer my question. I took one of those after I took my application then another after I got the call for the interview. Shit. I'm really freaking out right now. If only I could smoke this SDxBB sitting in front of me to calm down. More water it is.

  14. Do you have a friend that has clean piss for you?

    If so call him or her up in the morning, as you want the pee to be fresh. Get one of those pint sized ice mountain bottles, or any small bottle for that matter. Get a hand warmer (Like the ones you use for skiing or snowboarding) that you shake and they get warm, rubber band it to that. That should keep it between 90-100 degrees, which is where you want it. Then pour their piss in the cup. Hopefully that is an option for you.

    Otherwise man keep drinking that water, just keep getting after it. If it comes down to you borrowing money from a good buddy or even a little white lie to the parents to grab 20 bucks for synthetic urine, its going to be worth it. I don't want to even imagine what my parents would think if I got busted, and all their coworkers found out.
  15. Well...before doing nothing you could always ASK the shop owner if they can help you out with a Detox and you would pay him back...

    Fake piss would probably work, but since it's a lab test they might find out about that, I don't know.
  16. Im not quite sure how you all are so certain they cannot fail you for has happened to me on multiple occasions, they can do whatever the fuck they want! don't dilute it extensively; bad idea, they'll know what your doing

  17. That's a good idea as well. I know the lady pretty well (frequent customer) and I even had a few job interviews there once. My sister said she has 5$ and can try to get some more for me. I'm thinking I might have to ask my parents to leave me some money at their house for food tomorrow morning so I could at least give the lady some money up front. I'm a little worried about the synthetic piss thing since its a lab test.
  18. Go to a stor and see if you can buy a drug test kit there, you know, the kind parents buy when they suspect their kids. It might give you a good indication. If you fail that, give yourself more time by saying you are sick or something. And test twice, incase the first one is wrong. If the first two tests disagree, test a third time.
  19. try Quick fix synthetic urine,..
  20. Well, I went to Walgreens today and got myself a home THC test. I passed it. I didn't dilute my urine at all today before I did it, but I plan on drinking a good bit of water before I go in for this lab test. This has relieved a lot of stress. Hopefully I'll be okay.

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