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  1. alright so i started smoking about 2-3 weeks ago.... i smoked for about 6 days in a row, then stopped for a couple days then smoked another 2 days..

    now its been 4 days since i smoked and was wondering if i would pass a drug test that i MIGHT have in the next few days..

    you think i would have a problem since this is my first time smoking? i read it takes about 2-9 days for first timers.

    any thoughts
  2. drink water day of test and dont use first pee of the day on the test
  3. don't smoke anymore, drunk lots of water,, like mad amounts to the point you're pissing every 5-10 minutes for the next few days and you should be ok.. Me personally I drink bleach to pass them but i've been building a tolerance to it for 10 years now. I wouldn't recommend you trying this..Bleach attacks the fatty cells that thc holds up in making you clean out mad quick..
  4. what kinda bleach?
  5. The Search Button kind.

    The kind you've quite obviously never used:rolleyes:
  6. you drank bleach :eek: i had a neighbor that drank bleach when he was little and
    it made him retarded
  7. LOL @ search button bleach..... Regular bleach,, you know the kind you do laundry with... and oh what a terrible taste.. and you can't mix it with anything to mask the flavor,, i've tried it all....always tastes like bleach no matter what..
  8. So Devious, do you and skittlette just chill at 2 different computer in the same house and browse GC, or how does that work?

    your both on at the same time a lot lol

  9. Well i'm sure he didn't spend years taking it in small doses to build a tolerance to it either.. I can drink a cup of it now with no side effects... Still tastes bad,, will occasionally give me a quick hit of the runs but not often.. But I don't need to do so anymore, I don't get drug tested for anything anymore,..Those time were all probation related cleansings.. Could smoke a fat blunt right before my test drink a cup of bleach take 2 pisses before the test and pass every time...
  10. yeah..I've got like 12 computers..since i build sell and repair them,, i've got mad computers and parts just laying around.. Got 2 set up in our bed room,, we're literally like 3 feet apart from each other.. one on each side of the bed...
  11. wait wait wait...so you actually drink bleach? hhahah
  12. Hahaha that's tight.
  13. YES YES YES. Clorox BLEACH, color safe at that so I know all my innards come out clean and unfaded..lol,,,,,,But if you do it without building up a tolerance to it in low dose amounts first it can kill or hospitalize you...

    Yeah it's tight.. We've got T3 internet, I can do what ever and she can to. It's all good... we live in a little internet world most of the time.. We haven't had a TV in 2 years.. lol... just watch DVDs on occassion on the comps.. Way better graphics than a tv screen..
  14. dam i dont think im going to do bleach lol

    ill stick to water and i hear green tea works aswell... i dont think i have to worry much though since it was the first week i have ever done weed (2 weeks ago). which btw is fucking awesome lmao
  15. Vinegar my friend. White Vinegar. Tastes like shit but it will clean you out. But the point is to drink lots and lots and lots and lots of water. Start running too and build up as much sweat as possible. For gods sake DO NOT SMOKE! Oh and did i mention water?
  16. drink your own piss, that clears your system i hear?
  17. fuck i just took a home test and it came up neg..... fuck
  18. I picked up some pills to hopefully help. i have to take the test tomorrow. i failed 1 home test this morning (second piss) im going to try tonight after taking these

    ive taken at 2pm

    1 - green tea 1000mg
    1 - niacin 500mg
    4 - cranberry 405mg a piece (1620mg)
    1 - B-12 500mg

    i plan on taking the same amount tonight around 10pm and drinking 2 gallons of water ( 1 today, 1 tomorrow) and try to excercise as much as possible

    u guys think this will work?

    this is wat i bought

  19. anyone think itll work?

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