drug test

Discussion in 'General' started by DirtyPete, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. I have a drug test in an hour. I just finished drinking a Qcarbo detox drink, and I'm currently diluting my piss. I'm going to go up to the grocery store to get some asparagus to turn my pee yellow, after i finish drinking this horribleness.

    Hopefully this will mask the dillution and I'll pass.

    Wish me luck guys, the last one I took was "exessively dilute" so they are making me take another, which is why I bought the drink to hopefulyl boost my creatinine levels and whatnot.

    If I pass this I get my license back, if not I have to keep going to outpatient rehab until I piss clean.

    I'll see you guys in an hour....
  2. good luck man.
  3. Good luck man!
  4. man good luck

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