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  1. I recently took a drug test using a donor's pee. Had them pee in a cup then I immediately poured in a travel bottle. I tapped a hand warmer around it and stuck it in my baseball underwear pocket ( where the cup goes).. I drive directly to the lab to be tested. From the donors pee to the actual test was roughly 35 40 mins.. I dumped the pee into the cup and the lady said theres no temp ( I believe it was too cold as I unwrapped the hand warmer when I was in parking lot and just left the bottle crotched for 15 mins). She also said there wasnt enough to test the temp.. long story short I left the place and battled with the hiring agency and employer to allow me to retest. Test is next week and I'm sure I will still fail if I use my own. My question is, has anyone diluted themselves with water ( drinking a gallon) and topped off 50/50 or some ratio with a donor? My theory is my diluted pee will not have enough to detect thc, and will provide the right temp when adding to a donors pee ( which the donors pee will have the color and other stuff they test for so they won't know its diluted). Anyone done anything similar to this ? Gambling on temperature is just too risky.
  2. I don’t smoke when searching for a job and I don’t start applying till I know I’m clean. Go buy a drug test at Walmart their 11$
  3. I know the dollar store in my area has weed tests available. Just as accurate as the $30 ones
  4. I have 2 different types of test kits. I have the tcup and a strip type. 5 each. Down to my last 2. Been clean about 27 days. 511, 180lbs. Fit. Work out 2 to 3times a week. When I did smoke, it's less than a bowl a night, although for the last 25 years. My current job gets me sweating at least once a day. I've flushed with niacin last week. 1500mg and over a gallon of water within 4 hours. Monday I was still dirty, hence why I went with the donor method on tuesday. My test isnt until Monday or tuesday, technically should be clean but dont want to chance it. New employer wants me in fast, otherwise I would have excepted the inital test end of next week.

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