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  1. I know this is out there, and I can’t seem to find anything to answer this on the web; but can I have a friend go into a lab and piss for me? I know they take your ID and possibly need your Social Security number, but besides that, is it possible?
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  2. Have your friend pee for you before you go to the lab and give them his urine to test. If it's a preemployment dt it'll work just fine. Since they check IDs I don't think it'll work for him to go in your place.
  3. Okay, and I was thinking they probably only check the name on the ID, I never heard of it being done. Figured I’d get some input. But thanks!
  4. I don't remember if they checked my ID for preemployment, I was taking your word for it. It's probably a safe bet, though. You need to give then urine above 90F, look up subbing.
  5. What is subbing?
  6. Substituting. Using synthetic or other people's urine instead of your own. Almost all pre employment drug tests are unsupervised, you have privacy to produce the urine sample. Most pot smokers must cheat on these tests because THC metabolites can hang around for a month or two. They stash a small container of clean urine under their nuts or breasts or tuck it into a handy orifice. As long as the temp is above 90F and less than 100F it's accepted. I've heard some places have you empty your pockets but I've had many many drug tests and never had to do anything special. Some people attach a chemical handwarmer to the specimen to keep it warm but I've found just keeping it tight up against my nuts will keep the temp right at 93-94F.

    If you have questions just ask.
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  7. Only time I've known that to work, was my buddies (who looked like twins). Otherwise try quikfix 2.0 or another synthetic like @Cactus Ed suggested. He knows his stuff.
  8. What I don't know I make up.
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  9. I’ve used Detox on 2 tests. 1 worked, 1 didn’t. For the one that worked I followed the directions to a T. The second one, I was over confident and did not follow the directions or drink nearly enough water and failed. If you get caught w someone else using your ID, wouldn’t that be instant failure? Let’s us know how this turns out. Super curious.

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