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  1. Hey im 14 and im slightly obese and im a moderate smoker i received news on july 13 that my parents are going to drug test me August 1st today is july 15th i havent smoked i drank 2 gallons of water everyday and occasionally excersie i drink a homemade remadie that consists of cayenne pepers lemon juice and 100 percent maple syrup and water can someone pleae help me pass this drug test i promise ill never smoke again god please help me
  2. May God have mercy on your soul

    Sent from a distant galaxy far far away
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  3. Lol reported Billy. Stay in school
  4. Do you have some advice that might help
  5. Yes don't smoke marijuana at 14 then you won't have to worry about drug tests.
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  6. Any advice
  7. Any advice to help me pass the test please help me
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  8. Take the punishment like a man.. you should of thought about it before smoking lol..

    Why are you even smoking at 14 in the first place lol
  9. It's pretty darn considerate of your parents to give you a couple weeks notice before they test you. You should tell them you appreciate it instead of looking for ways to trick them. Put down your pipe for a few years and do what you're supposed to be doing at this point in your life, you're supposed to be preparing yourself for your future role as provider, what's your future family going to do if you neglect this part of growing up? If you screw it up there's a good chance they will live with you in a state of perpetual poverty. Wise up my young little friend, before it's too late.
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  10. You are 14, one failed drug test isn't the end of the world. But this should teach you the importance of being clean for employment.
  11. He dont have to take the punishment like a man. He still has 4 years to go for that. lol

    Seriously though, save the smokin for your college days. Plenty of time for smokin. For now you live with your parents and are in high school. Just do that for now. I understand, I started at 14 also but it did not do me any favors at that age.
    Besides, you are not even supposed to be posting on this forum till you are 18. I know I am not here to share with children. There are plenty of other forums where I can do that. I like the fact that this forum is for adults only. So please respect the rules.​

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