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Drug Test

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DakotaGoat, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. I have a drug test coming up. For tomorrow on 4/16. I am pretty worried about it and am probably going to dilute it to at the very least buy myself some extra time.

    During the month of December i smiled maybe 10 out of 11 days i was home for break. I’d say for the time between December to March that i maybe had an average of a single edible a week but this ended about halfway through March. Also the more concerning part, I just had my spring break, and being careless as i was i smoked for the first time since December, but i smoked 4 nights in a row from 4/1-4/4. Since i have been clean. How long with these unusual and inconsistent parameters do y’all think i would need to test clean? I am 6’3 180 pounds, with nearly minimal body fat and a pretty good metabolism.
  2. Go to the pharmacy and buy yourself a home test kit.

    At least you’ll know one way or the other.

  3. You'll piss dirty. If you need time and are shooting for dilution you might try the following. Lots of water before your test until you piss clear, vitamins (no more then double dose or you'll get sick) for color, you might add a cup of dark coffee prior to the test.

    This will still fail the test and it's at the discretion of who ever ordered it as to whether a retest is given. Sometimes you pass after dilution anyway and it certainly doesn't hurt to try one of those making drinks because it has at the very least the stuff a urine test looks for to ensure the urine is real.

    You might also try a synthetic kit to sub with. That worked for me for decades. As long as the sub kit is recent you'll pass with it. Buy two kits because one kit is just fucking barley enough for a split sample type of test.

    Always use a microwave to warmer the synthetic kits to 105*F prior to going to your test as it will help the warming pass to keep the sample warmer for far longer. Temp range is 91*F to 99*F and anything else is a failure. Use the little temp strip to ensure the temp is in range. Too hot? Leave the top off and let it cool, it only takes 20 seconds or so to drop a few degrees so watch it carefully. I used duct tape to adhere the bottles to my underwear. Hmmmm, a side from that, good luck blade!
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  4. Is it for a job or court ordered? If its anything other than court ordered they cant watch you piss. Just goto the headshop and buy Quikfix. it works every time. Or if you know someone who is clean have them piss and keep it in a 2oz+ bottle. Microwave a couple seconds before you go and nut it for at least 30-45 minutes so it acclimates to your body temperature. ive passed 15+ drug tests this way.
  5. Usually dilution will constitute as a fail
  6. and if you only smoked a couple times. It should be close to being out of your system by now. You can goto the dollar store and buy a test kit.

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