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Drug test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cinderfields, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Ok so i just signed up just to ask this..I had my pre employment drug screening today..I smoked last night and I thought I had it covered considering I took my sister's urine and put them in bottles under my breasts. So I go into take the test and she tells me to fill the cup up to the line and do not flush the toilet so I go in the pour a little in the toilet and the rest in the cup ...barely touched the line but I thought it would work she tells me it's not enough pee and dumps it in the sink..I'm fucked I'm thinking she tells me to go drink some water so I do ...knowing I'm going to fail probably finally get back up there and have to pee with my own urine she takes it pours it in a vial and labels it then sends me into the front office to get my paper. THEN she says enjoy your new job! I'm thinking what the fuck ? No way I passed it question to you guys is do they test the urine immediately for drugs or do they send it away to a lab? I know I'm gonna fail but maybe it was diluted from the water. This has been super stressful anything would be appreciated!!!
  2. It's possible you diluted it to the 50 nano cut off limit. Did the drug test have the test strips on the outside of the cup if so you probably passed. I'm not sure if they send those in or not.
  3. Or she's a smot poker too...:)
  4. It did have a strip on the outside but i think it might have been for the temperature not sure though
  5. That would be amazing. This is so dumb gonna lose my promotion for just some bud. I'm hoping for a miracle
  6. Well now that the test is done, smoke some more and relax! Not much you can do but wait I suppose.
  7. I'm planning on it haha t
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  8. If she just tossed a label on it without checking it out she is sending it to the lab. No way you would pass even a 50ng test after just a day. She might have been congratulating you assuming you are drug free. Or maybe they just throw it away after you walk out just to make you self concious to not smoke. Who knows. Not being a dick, if they test it youre gonna pop dirty, that doesnt mean they will turn you away though. Just curious what kind of work will you be doing(no need for company name just curious on the general idea of the job you went for)
  9. Yeah the more I think about it you're probably right. it was just a management position for a department store. She pulled up my info on the computer printed me out a form and was back there for a few minutes. I noticed on the paper it says I have a MRO so I guess this does mean she's sending it to a lab. Who knows. I wish they would just tell you upfront

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