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Drug test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by seaweedsmoker, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Up until about 3 weeks ago, I smoked every night, but only a bowl or 2. A week ago my boyfriend came over and we smoked pretty heavily for a night and then he left me maybe a .3 of a gram, and I spread that out over 3 days. I got offered a job yesterday, if I can pass a drug test on Monday (today's saturday). I've been drinking as much water and cranberry juice as I can. A gallon of water yesterday and 64oz of cranberry juice, I'm upping it to 2 gallons of water today and as much juice as I can stomach. I took a home test yesterday and today and both were positive, does anyone have any tips on how to get me clean? I also have been taking a couple B complex vitamins a day and I read that can cause a false positive, and I'm picking up some niacin today. I really need this job and I don't have the cash to get fake piss, and the only person who could pee for me is my mom, but she drinks and they test for alcohol too. Any tips?
  2. Hi, just saw your post. Did you take your drug test today? I ask because I took one today as well.
  3. You won't pass it unless you use fake urine or someone else's. Too short of a time spam to get it cleared out. But you might be able to buy a detox they might work.
  4. Can someone give me some insight ? I'm 24 yrs old 6'0 165 slim/athletic build with a fast metabolism and lower body fat. I don't work out anymore but play basketball twice a week and sweat my ass off. I am now at day 28 of not smoking, before this break I had smoked for the past 3 years every day minus a 3 month break at one point (about an 1/8th a week, good weed too). I took an at home test today and failed (could barely make out the second line). I'm wondering how much longer do you all think it will take me to get clean ? I have an interview Wednesday (4/12/17) today is Monday (4/10/17). I'm not 100% positive I will be tested the same day as the interview but its possible. Do you all think my best bet is fake piss ? I'm nervous to use fake piss because I have never done that before. I have actually never had to have a UA. BTW fuck Ronald Reagan and the miserable war on drugs. It's very sad I'm better off being addicted to pills being able to flush them out within a week. Our system is so fucked up and I'm sick of this unnecessary stress. :sad:
  5. Quick fix synthetic urine. Throw worries in a blunt and smoke them.
  6. quick fix all the way
  7. Hey guys,
    I have a pre-employment DOT split drug screen on Wednesday and I recently got some quick fix plus 6.1, it's a valid batch good til November 2019 as I checked via the online website. I keep reading random threads on here where people are saying it doesn't work in North Carolina. I do know the lab is Medtox in MN and the MRO is out of Sarasota, FL. I do have the option of using my girlfriends sample who's 110% clean and not on meds or birth control and I'm told it is illegal to be testing for gender on a 5 panel test. Just trying to find my best option here and would love some feed back before Wednesday. Thanks!
  8. How did it go for you??
  9. Get the fake urine and the Monkey whizz kit for men or women make sure the urine is the right temperature when you go in to test they check it don't spill any of the fake urine in the toile if the water is a dark blue it will show it's fake. I tested a month ago for a new job I put the fake urine in the cup they gave me and just peeped in the toilet and they check the temperature and then had me seal the urine sign some papers and they shipped the urine to hire right company and the tested it 2 days later and it passed. it saved my ass.

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