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Drug Test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by itspambeesly, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Hi! I took a urine drug test on Thursday. I have been clean for almost 7 weeks (48 days) when I took the test. I smoked everyday before I stopped. Like a half a gram a day more or less (more whenever I would have friends over or like y'all said "partying"). I was in the Philippines for a few weeks and it was very hot/humid so I was able to sweat a lot. I don't do any excessive exercise but I do a lot of walking. I am also pretty thin/average, 5'9 and 135lbs, 21yrs old. I also generally drink a lot of water and poop/pee a lot (sorry TMI) It was for a preemployment drug screen. Took two home tests and I passed both. I'm still freaking out and crying and I'm just so scared I'm going to lose this opportunity. Do y'all think I'm going to pass? Just looking for some peace of mind. The lab said I wouldn t have results till three days and they won t contact me, it will be the employer. I m shitting bricks here. Not sure if the lab (Quest Diagnostics) works during weekends but if they worked onSaturday then today would have been the third day. Is it likely that theemployer will only call me if I fail? I was offered the job and was hired on the spot, subject to a drug test/background check. I'm just soscared.

    Update: It's been a week since my drug test. Haven't heard back. Lab said results take 3 days. Does that mean I passed?
  2. If you happened to have passed 2 home tests then I'd like to think you are fine. It is said that it takes about 30 days for it to go out of your system. The fact that you did all that is more than enough proof. I think you're good. :)
  3. Hello I have question I took a drug test today totally random so there was no way to dilute or swap. I first started smoking at the beginning of the summer around May did it frequently , 8 grams a week at the most, and low grade stuff. Till September I slowed down maybe 2 grams a week (high grade) until about Oct 20 I quit completely. Hit one blunt 4 times on oct 29 and quit agian completely and I've not smoked since . I'm 5'9 220 I'm a stocky dude which makes up most of that but I do have some body fat. As stated before there was really no warning I urinated 3 times that morning drunk two large cups of water at the office so my sample was mostly clear. Testing window is 15. I guess my question is how good are my odds? Thanks in advance

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  4. Good to know there's a chance lol I should have known better the whole balance of my life is hanging on this drug test now. It completely unfair in my opinion. But enough with the venting. Thanks for the reply, I'll post the results when I'm notified.
  5. I blazed continuously for 6 months of mid grade (kannatonic, headband, and diesel), then had to take a piss test. I stopped blazing for exactly 25 days and my piss came back 'positive'--regardless of how much I exercised, diluted, or what not. Pot take a looong time to come out of yer system at the 50 ng level of the test. Which is to say that the test is measuring if you have 50 parts per billion of THC-CooH in yer piss. That is a very small amount of pot right? 50 parts per billion--is like one granule of "pot sand" in a full bucket of sand particles. Yer brain is made up of 60% lipids and the pot just clings onto yer neurons--so that is why it takes sooooo long for it to get out yer system. Now, that I 'm clean I wonder if it's really even worth it put pot back in my system ever again since the high last 30 minutes but it takes 33 days to clear out.
  6. Alright... so usually I am a frequent smoker when I am not at school for a sport I play. When I'm at school I don't usually smoke because I do not want to risk failing a drug test. But recently since it's the end of the year, I have gotten high. So I smoked a blunt with 2 other friends 10 days before the drug test and then I ate a little chunk of tincture 4 days later... so 6 days before the test. I'm a 6'2" 200lb guy who sweats a ton and works out at least 5 times a week. I worked out the next day after I first smoked and 2 days following and then after I ate the tincture I worked out at least 3-4 times before the test. Also, the night before the test I drank a crazy amount of water. Then the next morning I ran before class, drank green, and more water. Long story short, I drank a 32oz bottle of Gatorade with certo, a vitamin b12 and zinc. Several hours after the test I bought an at home test and I passed it. I'm just really worried about this because I could get kicked off the team for this. Lastly, I am new to this website so I really don't understand how this works. Any insight will be extremely helpful. Thanks!
  7. "at home test kits' are less accurate than clinical test kits used by professional drug testing businesses.
  8. I understand that but judging by my situation, do you think I'll pass it?
  9. Well everyone... I'm about to get the call soon that I failed...wish me luck...
  10. no one on this whole forum--or no one in the whole world--can say whether you pass or failed because we do not have a krystal ball to read your fortune on---really only God knows if you would pass or fail OK. Furthermore, if you pass or fail is not as important as what you have learned about yerself in this process with regard to abusing pot.
  11. I passed lmao.
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  12. I've been taking 1 edible with 7mg approx in each semi-regularly/regularly (usually 1 a day) and i took my last one on the 22nd of December (last month), I have to take a drug test either tomorrow or 1/25. I'm drinking a lot of water and am going to exercise up till the day of. Do I have a decent chance of passing?
  13. Mac1994, did you pass?

    Isaks, I'm in the same situation. I was a regular smoker and stopped 25 days ago. Today I tested positive with an at home test (50ng). I have to take a piss test by the end of the month to keep my job (its April 4th today). I'm really hoping that in the next week or 2 I'll be clean.
  14. You certainly should be clean before months end...but your pissing is not supervised, so between now and then find a friend /relative who does not smoke and is willing to supply. I get tested often and used to worry. Now I just put a plastic bottle between my sack and ass held there by compression shorts. I even practice. Easy to swap and no worries.
  15. Thanks man. I have more at home tests so I'm going to keep taking them every 5 days and I'm hoping to have 10-15 days (2-3 tests) of negative results before I go to the screening facility.

    Have you ever tried Quick Fix? I have the latest version but I'm super nervous about walking in there with it stuff in my underwear.
  16. I was super nervous my first time. I was still testing hot the day of the test although the line was fading but was still debating whether to use the bottle riding my taint on the ride to the testing facility. Once I closed and locked the door behind practice kicked in and it was easy as pie. I have been tested twice since and now I do not even bother quitting and there is no nervousness. Girlfriend of my wife provides the piss happily as she knows I grow for my wifes's RA. I am just there for quality control. ;) But yeah, seriously no worries either way.
  17. How do keep it between 90-100 degrees? Do you throw it in the trash in the bathroom right after you're done? I'm going in for a physical too so I can't keep it in my pants.
  18. I have never worried about temp except it is placed in a pretty warm location and I am sitting on it for 1/2 hour or so in a warm car. Never an issue.
  19. Are male and female pee the same?

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