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Drug Test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by drmaplecrest, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    Sorry, I know there are a ton of these questions, but I am just nervous

    I have a urine test for work in 3 days. I am 6'4" 375lbs (fat ass, I know). I haven't smoked in 84 days. Last time I smoked it was maybe about 7 days in a row, at least 3 bowls each day. Before that I hadn't smoked for 3.5 months ( about 7 days in a row as well for that session) and before that, I hadn't smoked in over a year.

    I am fat and don't have a great metabolism.Do you guys think I'll pass?

  2. Also, sorry. I just noticed there is a specific section to post these types of questions in
  3. Hey man first of all don't feel bad about fat fuck a bitch and second of all it sounds like you'll probably fail it if it's 3 days away but just try this.

    Go to a Sauna and sit in it for like an hour or so a day and rub baby oil all over you skin while you in it (baby oil opens your pores and the sauna makes you sweat out thc)

    Get about 30 mins of exercise per day

    Go to The dollar store and get some Niacin (Vitamin B3) Take 500-1000mg of niacin per day.

    Drink an asshole load of water and piss a lot each day (more than a gallon per day) but spread it out throughout the day, you can overdose on water.

    When you take the drug test pee your beginning stream of piss into the toilet, pee you MIDDLE stream of piss into the cup, then the end stream of piss into the toilet.

    Don't eat any high fat foods till after you drug test.

    That's all my tips man I hope you pass bro just do all these and cross your fingers! Also you've probably heard of detox drinks, well I've never tried them but I know what they do and it's basically Russian roulette. They might work if you time it perfect but then again it's more of a chance of passing than if you don't drink it.

    Also if you're a sneaky cheeky bastard then you can try Fake Urine. You can order it online but I've heard mixed reviews and basically you can only do it if you're not supervised while pissing. Unless you buy the monkey dong that looks like a dick and is full of fake clean urine and attaches to your waist and comes out of your zipper and you can piss into the cup with it.

    Good luck bro! These are all the tips to my knowledge

    (I passed a probation piss drug test in 8 days using 500mg of niacin and 10,000 mg of biotin per day with a couple cups of water before the test and using the mid stream piss method )

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  4. Thank you so much. Yeah I've heard about Nacin, I'll get on it. I can do all of that. I'll probably pass on the fake eurine or sub urine cause
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  5. No problem! Good luck lemme know if you passed

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  6. I'm 5'4 weighing 126 With a fat percentage of 28. I took a drug test a week ago and passed but took a medium sized hit two days ago and have a drug test in 1 week. Will I be clean?
  7. Yes you will be if you follow my method all week.

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  8. That whole sweat thing is wrong. There's studies that show THC leaves the body (don't quote me on the exact number but close) 35% through urine and 65% through feces.

    Why not invest in a home test from Walmart to check if you are clean already? from the sounds I think you should be good. If not Quick Fix 6.1 is your best bet, or you could try the dilution method, want to add that the day of the test you SHOULD eat fatty foods, get full nutrition as your body wont access your fat for nutes if you give it through food, if it doesn't do that the less THC will go into your urine.

    But 87 days even for someone that's fat is a long time to still carry a 50ng/ml level of THC.

    and please in future for something important like this, do your own through research and don't just rely on what some guy online has to say.
  9. I don't mean to be obtuse, but no crash diet is saving Humpty Dumpty. THC is a fat binding molecule. Not to say you have fatty acids in your piss, but weed is the least of your health concerns at your stage of life. Be healthy minded and becoming physically fit will adapt itself to your dedication to the herb.

    TL;DR don't sweat it lol
  10. Alright... so usually I am a frequent smoker when I am not at school for a sport I play. When I'm at school I don't usually smoke because I do not want to risk failing a drug test. But recently since it's the end of the year, I have gotten high. So I smoked a blunt with 2 other friends 10 days before the drug test and then I ate a little chunk of tincture 4 days later... so 6 days before the test. I'm a 6'2" 200lb guy who sweats a ton and works out at least 5 times a week. I worked out the next day after I first smoked and 2 days following and then after I ate the tincture I worked out at least 3-4 times before the test. Also, the night before the test I drank a crazy amount of water. Then the next morning I ran before class, drank green, and more water. Long story short, I drank a 32oz bottle of Gatorade with certo, a vitamin b12 and zinc. Several hours after the test I bought an at home test and I passed it. I'm just really worried about this because I could get kicked off the team for this. Lastly, I am new to this website so I really don't understand how this works. Any insight will be extremely helpful. Thanks!
  11. Am I the only stoner who has enough self control to NOT smoke long enough to pass an initial DT for a job?

    So many DT threads, stop smoking for 4 weeks people... damn...
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