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Drug Test.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by InNeedOfCleanPee, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Hello all. I am new to this forum and I have a few questions about the entire drug testing process and thought this would be the best place to turn to.
    I am currently looking for a job, but a good majority of the jobs in my area drug test. I smoked about a bowl a day from feb-april and probably a little less than half a gram a day in May. I had pretty much smoked every day from August to May with very little stopping. When I came home from college I found out that I was not going to be rehired at my old job which pretty much left me fucked because I was banking on that the entire semester which is why I never slowed down my consumption. I stopped smoking around May 15-18 and I stayed clean until May 28th(stupidest mistake ever) where I smoked probably a bowl and a half with a friend and then smoked half a gram the next day with two other people on May 29th. I have remained clean and am fully dedicated to staying clean until I get a job. Since May 15-18th I have been running close to 4 miles a day and drinking lots of water. My question is what date should I be anticipating to be the day I am completely clean if I stay sober from here on out? Is there anyway I can speed up this process? (through cranberry juice etc.) and if I fail a drug test at a pre-employment screening, what exactly happens? 
    I look forward to all of your replies

  2. Oh and not completely sure how much this factors in, but I'm 20 years old and weigh 200 pounds and am 6 foot-6 foot 1.
  3. 15-30 days from the last time you smoked is the number for must people. If you fail the drug test they usually just don't hire you.
  4. Here's a tip: they legally cannot watch you if it's a pre-employment drug test, so if you can get your hands on some clean piss then you're golden! Just make sure the piss is at the right temperature when you use it (handwarmer + rubberband). I just took another test and all ya gotta do is sub.
    Good luck!
  5. So you can't get in any legal trouble or anything for failing a drug test?
    This is not true if it is a government job, fyi.
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    Nope, you cannot get in any legal trouble for failing a drug test. The only consequence for failing is that you wouldn't be able to get the job that you're testing for. These things are kept private for a reason.

    Yes, but he's talking about typical jobs in his area, so I'd assume that it isn't government related.
  8. Thanks! thats a huge relief to know. Would drinking cranberry juice be a good idea?
  9. My friend got a job as a security job and he's a stoner. He had his sober friend pee into a glue bottle, kept it in his pocket when he went for the drug test, poured it into the cup and wrapped the glue bottle in toilet paper and threw it in the trash. It worked lol
  10. That depends on what level of government and what type of position as well. Many local government agencies just outsource the pre employment drug screens to outside agencies like any other private organization and do not require observed test.
    True, but there are quite a few "typical" jobs that are government related.  Lifeguards at pools, maintenance at parks, any government run summer camps etc.
    I got a observed DT every summer when I was in college working for the local government.  It may depend on the job position though.
  12. It depends on the locality. I've worked several government job over the past ten years. None did obsevered test and only one even did random testing after the hiring test. Some depend on position, and will have different rules for safety critical jobs.
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    ANOTHER drug test thread. Please take a look at the 1000 others? 

    Seriously blades, we need a designated drug test questions thread where everyone can post their problems/questions and people can reply there. This place is flooded with this junk. It was never this bad before.


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