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drug test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by srif, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. ok so i have a drug test in 3 days and have been clean for 20 days and i have some dank and mids sitting right next to me, could i smoke a hit of either of them and pass the test?
  2. Why would you smoke only one hit and maybe fail your drug test?

    EDIT: probably fail your drug test
  3. Wait 3 days dude not worth it

    Don't do that. :p

  5. Hands down the dumbest post I've ever seen on GC
  6. That wouldnt be very smart man, just wait 3 days and then have an epic sesh to celibrate that you passed.
  7. You'll flunk it for sure.


  8. I've actually seen this same post a couple times.
  9. thanks for the advice everyone but the epic sesh cant happen because that drug test will be the first in a series of drug tests over 6 weeks
  10. Just think of how ripped you'll be once you pass your last test and have a long-ass tbreak on your side :hippie:
  11. Just get high.Scared of parent's or whatever??So what if you didn't pass a drug test,you ain't going through no jail.

  12. yeah , just cant believe "the law" stole all my glass and put me in this stupid ass program


  13. i would but its not my parents testing me :mad:
  14. You start failing drug tests for something like that, you're either going to end up with a more severe punishment or you're going to have to take drug tests for even longer.

    Be patient, dude. Don't screw yourself over.

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