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Drug Test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. ...Bazinga. No, this is not another typical drug test thread. Recently at my place of employment, we hired a guy that has been in the company for years (local chain of gas stations owned by 2 brothers) and has decided to work at my particular store. He is a pretty big guy, intimidating until he talks and you can tell how super chill he is.

    So we got to talking, and he is apparently an honest upfront guy, and of course I heard him making a comment about a good blunt wrap for a customer, so I HAD to ask him "Oh, how would YOU know that", to which he said "You smoke?" So I said yes, and he said he doesn't. Hm, kinda threw me off, but he said he would explain when the customer left (customer can't hear through the bulletproof glass from where I was standing in relation to this kid). So he tells me he hasnt smoked in 4 years, but in 8 months he would be off parole and he could smoke with me then.

    He didn't say what he did time for, just that it was for something stupid, he also mentioned he does unmentionables and likes to party, so my guess is either dumb decisions while partying or arrested for possession of unmentionables.

    But he said that is the only thing he has to quit since he was let out on parole, weed. Which isn't really news at all, but it's still funny to hear someone who is on parole, who can still party, drink, and try all types of unmentionables, but can't smoke :p Some people actually think that drug testing paroles keeps them safe to society because they aren't taking drugs. :rolleyes: Irony at it's best.

    If only more people were aware that drug tests are only around to test to see if people are smoking weed, and weed alone (piss tests, hair follicle not so much, had a gf who passed a hair follicle test, and even was told she has trace amounts of thc found, but so did a dozen other employees, she was told they are only testing for narcotic use. This was for a clothing store in a casino, MRG retailers own the chain of stores). I know this really isn't news to anyone, but still gave me a chuckle to see it for myself.
  2. Its true. Other drugs pass through your system to fast, or at least faster then weed, to be caught. It surprises me that people still drug test at all, especially in states that allow medical marijuana.
  3. Yeah it makes sense because unmentionables are out of your system a lot faster than weed is.

    Should have asked what he was locked up for.. I am curious lol

  4. I did ask, he just said "it was for something stupid". Wasn't gonna press it any further, can only make speculation. Seems like a pretty chill guy, whether that is just how he is or prison changed him for the better, who knows.
  5. Oh yeah, duh. I read that part too and still asked haha

    Maybe by something stupid, he meant he accidentally shot someone :eek:

  6. Maybe. He has been on parole for 5 years. But plenty of non-violent crimes that can carry large sentences to really make an assumption like murder or attempted homicide/assault.
  7. Lol I know, I was just kidding :smoke:
  8. I thought hair folicle tests showed up everything for as long as the hair that grew whilst taking the drug was still on your head?

  9. Haha I know, I am just considering it as a possibility since there is no reason to assume he didn't shoot someone. I like to keep an open mind with things like this.

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