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drug test trouble

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gmill8, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. hey, i recently just got a new job and i should be getting a drug test in the next couple of days. My best bet would probably be to use someones clean urine and keep it at the right temperature, but alot of people say drinking vinegar will clean my system, is that true?
  2. Never ever ever drink vinegar. That shit is gross. Your best bet would to use someone elses piss because most jobs dont test the temp because they wait to test it for a couple hours so use someone else's piss.
  3. I drink vinegar cuz i like the taste. Vinegar, salt. Its a good time. Sometimes i have to actually put something in the vinegar or my parents will make me stop drinking it lol. Damn parents.

    Same with hot sauce.
    You know whats good? grab a small pot (the cooking kind) throw in like a table spoon or 2 of butter, throw in a lot of hot sauce and cook it on the stove till the butters melted, then eat that shit. You can use crackers too if you want, but i prefer just eating it.
  4. i drank vinegar and it worked for me, go tmy system clean as a whistle for a drug test. also drink lots of water.

    or my friend had his little brother pee in a bag and when he went into the restroom to pee in teh cup, he took a lighter and heated the bottom of the cup where the tempurature thing is got it to the right temp and dumped the pee in.
  5. i used to have to take a test every wednesday
    it sucked
    these ideas work
    put bleach on your finger and piss on it(its kinda gross but it works)
    put salt in the test

    you should have never have waived your rights or they couldnt have tested you ijust for applied for like 2 jobs and on it it asked if i would be willing to take a drop i said no
    with the job i have now i said no and i still got the job!

  6. im not sure bout drug testing at work....but i know when i take piss tests....they send a person in w/ya and watch u piss and theres a mirror so...i dont think u could pull of the bag thing...but i dunno how work tests are....and does drinking vineagar work??? like 95-100% all the time?

    --The True NiNja
  7. Your best bet would be to pick up a bottle of Formula 420. It's a simple drink that you take an hour before the test. Cleans your shit right out. The best thing - if you fail your test, they give you DOUBLE your money back. Can't beat that... If you do decide to get the drink, get the red one - the orange flavor sucks!

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