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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Droman95, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Okay guys please help me. Tomorrow I'm subbing for a pre-employment test. I took a testn detox and took a drug test from Walmart . I failed. I was so mad. I wasted my money & I started to cry. So my only option is to use my friend pee. She plans to pee for me in the morning before my test. The lab is only 11 minutes away from her house. How should I keep the pee warm. I have a pill bottle for her to pee in. Please help I can't sleep and I'm freaking out.
  2. Are you experienced with hiding things up your bum?
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  3. Well not in my anus. But I can put something in my cootiekat
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  4. Wash a condom thoroughly to get all lubricants off. Water is all that is necessary as to not degrade the latex.

    Pour urine into condom.


    Carefully shove it inside of yourself, or if you have large labia, stick it between there.

    Figure out something you want to use to quietly pierce the condom.

    Wear something you can hide the popped condom and sharp object in. I suggest socks and shoes (can wrap your stuff in toilet paper).
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  5. Okay. I also read in another forum that if I pee inside the container Before I put the clean pee inside I can achieve the right temperature I need.
  6. You risk mixing your dirty urine.

    Place the condom inside of you. Within 10 minutes it will be body temp. You should be able to do this for several hours, if necessary. Might be a little weird feeling, but it would be clean.
  7. Could I do this with small pill bottle bc I'm scared the condom will leak
  8. Your best bet is a condom if you want you can double it up make you feel a little better.
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  9. Can't imagine that a pill bottle would be comfortable or safe (risk of cutting your insides, harboring bacteria as it's non sterile and porous). Double them up as someone else suggested and do an extra knot if you feel more comfortable, but there shouldn't be any issues with leaking. Wear a pad if it makes you feel a little more secure (just don't take it off until after you leave).
  10. Okay guys so I took the test & here's what happend. SMFH. I couldn't get the condoms in time so I used the pill bottle. Of fresh pee. Put it in my crotch. Not inside but between the lips. I put on two pairs of my tightest underwear. I go to the clinic which is like 15 minutes away. I go inside. Sign papers they made me wait like 5 minutes. I go into the bathroom but I was so nervous I was spilling piss everywhere. Then the stupid b**** was by the door and ask if I was peeing. I freaked out. I hurry up poured it. Told her I didn't have to really pee so that's all I have. I gave it to her. She says "WHEW" I kid you not. She says it so loud. Then she says "ew go wash your hands" she then checks the temperature and gives me a paper.(I'll upload it) Then she goes back to the front desk and tells the other lady. "THE SMELL IS AWFUL" "smell like old piss" she literally said that. So I was mad as f***. But I politely smiled and walked out. The pee wasn't that strong it was fresh. Do you guys think I'm good to go or no. I'm posting the paper below. Anyways. F*** her. I'm going smoke a blunt. Am I good to or no. Please help I'm stressed out

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  11. They didnt tell you if you passed or not?
  12. No they said they sending it to a lab. I went to labcorp. She only test the temperature

  13. Cootiekat :lmafoe:
  14. If i was you i would hold off on smoking. Just incase they want you to retake your test you will be good.
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    This is literally like the funniest thing ever lol

  16. I passed you guys. I got the government job. ❤️ Thanks for all the support.
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