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Drug Test Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by hayle, May 22, 2013.

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    I know a lot of these threads have been made, but I would like to hear a little bit of advice for my circumstance just to be sure.  I haven't smoked in 39 days now, and I know that is pretty long from what I hear.  I used to smoke 5 times a day at least every other day, sometimes every day.  I stopped cold turkey 39 days ago, but I haven't worked out or been binge drinking water or anything.  I took a test about 7 days ago that made me feel pretty good, but now I just don't know because I took one today and it seemed pretty questionable.  I am a little under 200 pounds with a decent amount of body fat (not huge or anything, but probably 3% or more over the average person). I have attached the two pics of my tests to see what yall think.  I plan on drinking lots of water tonight and then a tad tomorrow to just be hydrated before going into the test. The first picture is a $40 test that I got from Walgreens a week ago.  It was later in the day, so it wasn't my first piss of the day.  The second test is what I took today (39 days after quitting, a $17 test I got from CVS).  The second test was the first piss of the day, and only the very first portion of that, just to give me a contrast in tests.  I am probably just over thinking this, but it is for a major Oil Company, so I just wan't to be sure that I don't fail. I am taking it at labcrop if that means anything.


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  2. if you havent smoked for 39 days you should be good
  3. go run bruhhh
  4. even being around 200 after 39 days you should have no trouble at all

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