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drug test TOMORROW smoked today

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ryan51993, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Check out my thread dude. I was paranoid because I couldn’t use certo method in the correct way and had a small time frame but still passed within 15 hours of smoking. Lab test to.
  2. Good luck, yeah please man postive or negative just post the results. Like I said it’s not a perfect solution but it’s always good to get insight and facts.
  3. Just letting you guys know I pussed out on the certo. The fact that I have high body fat and smoked a lot yesterday makes me very uneasy. But the worst part is how I've been feeling since I tested it last night. I've probably shit 6 times since last night and even with nothing left in me I still have the feeling of needing to go badly. I think if I drank anymore of that stuff I'd have a hard time even making it to the doctors office. This isn't to say it doesn't work or it'll have the same negative effect on you guys, but for me I don't think I can pull it off. Hopefully this fake pee works, I'll be going in an hour or 2.
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  4. I would’ve just waited today to take it, yeah the taste isn’t the grestest. I use to be like you when I first started. Would make me feel sick. It does make you poop and pee a lot. But I’ve d drank worse stuff before. Fake urine is the way to go if you can but certo is the best bet if you gotta use your own urine
  5. Why would you put bleach in it?, you prolly didn’t even fail because it was dirty, they prolly failed you for tampering. They can pick up bleach in drug test. Plus bleach doesn’t work anyway so you prolly were dirty to.

    No one here even suggested that curious how you even came about doing that
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  6. Sitting here right now with the pee in my waistband. So much god damn paperwork!!! Beware fake urine users, you may have to keep this shit hidden at correct temp for quite a while. Put it somewhere comfortable!
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  7. I think everything went well. No indication that anything was wrong from the nurse. I know it was the right temp and color was good too. She wrote a couple things down that I couldn't see and stuck it inside a small machine while I went on to my physical. The fact that she tested it and didn't say anything else makes me feel like it must have been fine but I won't have the results until tomorrow.
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  8. Usually they will tell you right there if it’s not the right temp from my understanding so I think your good.
  9. I was high when I thought of trying it of course test results came back same day and she said it showed up for pot. yup that is my luck for being a stoner lol but I have had other jobs that passed me even with thc showing up on test most employer's don't care about pot but anything more than that then you wouldn't be hired

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  10. Get a Gatorade bottle, add fruit pectin to it (any brand works), shake it up and drink that about 2 hours before your test. Once you drink it all (try to drink it quick), fill the bottle back up with water and drink that. Do this about 2-3 times. Then, try to urinate as much as you can before you are off to your test. Hope this helps.
  11. Does the certo method really work? The more I look into it some people say its just a myth which I can't see but I also see people say they failed with it. I have been 2 weeks sober and gonna try go one more and test to see if I'm negative.. If not will the certo method work even better with all the days off from smoking?
  12. I can't guarantee the certo works as it made me shit way too much to ever attempt a drug test in that condition. But my girlfriend passed with the Mega clean detox drink with 3 days of not smoking, and she smokes a lot like me.
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    New update after testing the method at home on Monday I took a 10 panel drug test at the hospital on Tuesday got the results on Wednesday morning that I passed.
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  14. So you did the certo method? how many hours before the test did you take it? Down the gatorade , refill 2x, then maintain drinking water? maybe take vitamin b to make yellow?
  15. Yeah I did all that. Started at 5am with the Certo drank water and took vitamin tested at 1045am. Was suppose to test at 830am but a work emergency kept me from going.
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  16. Glad to hear you passed man. I used a synthetic urine called Simply Golden and I passed as well. It was only 20$ and worked excellent, stayed the perfect temp the whole time and had everything in it that real urine has. I would definitely recommend it if anyone wants to go the synthetic urine method.
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  17. I’ve thought about all that and even though I’m not tested a lot I go in with the mind frame that I’ll be watched.
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  18. I consider myself well-versed on the subject of drug tests after growing up in a household of medical professionals who all use or used to use pot; and THEN getting put on super strict super supervised probation while still living with those people. I’ve heard it all. I’ve once placed a catheter that ended up resulting in a negative test for a daily marijuana and (prescribed) unmentionables user. this thread has been a great read, even for me. a guy who thought that he had heard enough about the Certo method. a method I have recommended people less desperate than the person mentioned above in this reply.

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  19. What I did was take a thin tiny bottle ( 50-100 mls ) get some one CLEAN to piss in it and before you for ya test boil the piss bottle in a pot or something so it stays hot then wedge it under your bollocks and undies then pour it into the container wen the time comes for your test GL

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