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Drug test tomarrow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by outdoorgrowman, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. So i have a drug test tomarrow for advance auto parts and i smoked on sunday. I have a qcarbo32 And have been taking niacin pills. My plan is to pretty much follow the instructions chug the qcarbo and drink a good amount of water. Anything else i can do to be ready for my drug test?. Im 6' 275 lb
  2. Your fucked
  3. Piss midstream and keep drinking water

    Good luck
  4. [quote name='"bruhlazer"']Your fucked[/quote]

    Thanks asshole haha
  5. Bring fake piss?
  6. If its possible have someone piss for you. I did that for the rents once they took me to a hospital to get me tested. It may sound weird but have one of your friends who don't smoke piss in a bottle and bring a back pack to the office. Good luck brother.
  7. Wear tidy whities and a filled condom of piss (not a lot, shouldn't have said filled lol) near in them and act like you have a BBC
  8. Bringing fake piss into a hospital would be hard, wouldnt it?
    I've never been in that situation.
  9. I don't see where he said hospital?
  10. Tamorrow? You're fucked lol. Nah just heavy water. I MEAN HEAVY
  11. so you smoked sunday knowing you had a drug test? good luck with your unemployment goals in 2012
  12. Yeah didnt think they would call me. Had called 2 weeks prior to that and they said they couldnt find my application so i thought it was there way of saying fuck you. But they called me monday and i went monday for an interview. I guess i could wait a couple more days to get the drug test. They just told me to get it in the next couple days. But i had gone 3 weeks with no bud and smoke 3 times prior to sunday. But only a couple phat hits in my bong
  13. I had a guy in the military who I've smoked with break it down like this...

    THC clings to the inside of your liver, your urine passes through your liver, when it passes through- it picks up some of that THC and carries it with it. When they do a drug test, the test is hoping to get the urine that comes through your liver.

    So how do you get around that?

    Drink so much water or cranberry juice that your liver gets full (about 32 oz). Then, the fluids will start going into your stomach, because these are not being process through your system, the liquid in your stomach will come out before the liquid in your liver does.

    So, in conclusion, drink a lot of freaking water, fill your liver up the day of the test, and fill your stomach with water.

    Don't take this as gospel though, but he has been in the army for 5 years, smoked all 5, and never had a problem with his tests. Good luck.
  14. One more thing- keep your physical effort down the day of the test. THC can be stored in fat cells, when those fat cells are rattled around by you exercising, they release that THC (which can cause you to feel high, awesome but still), and effect your results.

  15. Im not being a d bag but where is this evidence of fat cells being burned that have tHC, create euphoria?
    and why would excerise cause your body stored THC to metabolize into urea? Fat cells are a secondary source used by your body after all carbs aka sugars are used..but as far as my medical knowledge goes I wasnt aware of THC being released through your urine after anaerobic metabolism...
    anearobic matebolism is your body using fat cells..losing weight by excersing...which the by product of the use of lipid cells cause uric acid which causes muscle soreness... but not through piss ,,,if im wrong post link

    and drinking a shit ton of water just makes the weed molcules undetectable in a test by disapated through volume.
  16. So ill fill up on cranberry and drink water im takin everything in and am going to do everything tommarow ive been doing reafig and its been around that visine can cause a false negative. But i put about 10 drops in a sample with a home drug test but it came out positive. So if my science is right by eating a sugary carb filled meal right before the test it should also help my chances? Lemme know if im wrong
  17. And alsonis there anything that will color my piss besides b-6 or b-12 heard it turns piss like neon yellow which i guess is suspicious
  18. Fool proof plan. Goto local smoke shop and ask for the quick fix fake piss. Comes with a temp. Gauge a pee bottle with squirting top to look like really peekng, rubber band, got me off of parole!!!
  19. I would do that except i have $9 left in my bank account thanks tho
  20. Lots of misinformation in this thread :eek:

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