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drug test time... gottta cheat..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skillfull87, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. simple, home test... i know that i have to take one to get my car back... it won't be random i can rig it... but does anyone know the best ways of making your postitive results turn up negative? i have heard of bleach in the piss... and i might experiment with that... any other ideas?
  2. i've been in your exact position, what you need to do is just dilute your piss. this can be done w/ water or whatever. i used water but my parents were listening outside the bathroom so i couldn't just use the water from the sink. so i dipped the cup into the toilet bowl and got some of that water then pissed in in the cup and make sure you have about twice as much piss in it as water, that way it will still be a little warm and a different color. then at that point it might just be diluted enough and it will show up negative. i've done that 4 times and its been negative every time.
  3. ^ sounds good if im ever home tested
  4. it doesn't work i just tried
  5. Eh... use the search...

    There are tons of posts related to this that have already been posted....

    .. puff puff

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