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Drug Test this Saturday at CVS

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GoldDustWoman, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. So I got offered a cashier position at a brand new CVS that is opening this weekend. The first email I got from them said "drug screening" so I assumed that they would ask for one when I went in for orientation, but they have not said anything about it since they scheduled me and I even asked what to expect and they said nothing about a drug test. I have all my paper work turned in too and they already did a background check on me.
    I already had a plan to use my older sister's piss. I bought the synthetic urine kit and got rid of the contents because I don't trust it. I was gonna use the bottle to keep track of the temp. I've been practicing. I've been able to keep it at about 94-98 degrees for about an hour in my underwear (kinda just tuck it in there as if I was wearing a maxi-pad). Mind you, this is my first time ever doing this but I'm fairly confident and I haven't smoked in about a week or two and detox is not an option because I don't have a very fast metabolism to burn it all out or just get it out of my system.
    I guess this is my dilemma. I was supposed to have orientation tomorrow, but they moved me to Saturday because of my school schedule. They just told me that I was going to be doing an "8 hour shift" at orientation (it'll be a different store, not the one I'm going to be working at) so that I get proper training. I start at 9 or 10 am on Saturday and I'm kinda questioning if they're even going to test me or not now. They said "shift" y'know as if I already have the job and they said they were gonna order my shirt. I'm not sure whether I should take the piss anyway and just have a hand warmer near my crotch the whole time because I won't know when they make me take it (if they do) or whether I should assume they weren't going to drug test me.
    Any ideas?

  2. I just had an interview and they only spoke about the background check never a drug test. In my opinion i highly doubt they will waste their money and order you a shirt to then risking the chance of you failing and losing money and time.

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    At cvs of course

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  3. Just wait to see, after 2weeks you probably won't have any cannabinoids I your system anyway
  4. Most likely if you never do the drug test you never will. Drug tests tend to be taken at drug testing centers even CVS most likely does that. A positive has to stand under scrutiny of a potential lawsuit.
    That being said for that fake urine thing simply heat it up in a microwave put it in your pants and get there early when there is no line. The range on urine on the paper once they collect your sample is usually like 90 and up.
    I used to do urinalysis testing when I was in the certified to be a Substance Abuse person etc. The very first test in the batches they get which is completely anonymous is generally the chemical strip test which you can buy at CVS or Walmart for cheap. They do it that way because drug testing costs a ton of money. If everyone tests negative via that all the batches are thrown out. In the military's case if you test positive they test it again with a new strip. If its positive then it moves on to the mass spectrometer which there is no escape if its negative they simply throw out that sample.
    In the civilian world for a job like that they never will move past a simple strip test.
  5. Hey! i know this is super late but I work at CVS as a cashier/clerk and my store manager is very young, around 28. He told me straight up "I honestly dont care if you do fucking cocaine. as long as you show up to work and do your job." I was never drug tested in the front store, I've been there for a year and the only people who need to pass drug tests in the front store are shift supervisors and managers. And according to them they are pretty lenient. Its a simple urine test.

    I have a drug test tomorrow for CVS only because i got offered to be transferred to the pharmacy as a pharmacy technician. Im still figuring out a way to pass that....

    Enjoy talking to customers that dont acknowledge you! IT SUCKS :D service with a smile and a middle finger when they walk out!

  6. This thread was started over a year ago. I wonder if she got the job?

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